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Distributed File System
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FIGURE 15-40 Setting the excluded les lter
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A distributed environment is always a challenge However, with proper planning and by using the facilities provided by Windows Server 2008, you can enable all the of ces of an organization, both central and remote locations, to enjoy full functionality without an administrative nightmare Microsoft is still working on DFS, and you can look forward to numerous improvements in future versions that includes reduced management for large namespaces and a more automated experience when you move shares between servers In that more automated experience, you will see the DFS Management snap-in taking care of replicating the data, modifying the share, updating the namespace, and recon guring DFSR And all this will be done in such a way that there will be no interruption to the end user, who can enjoy 24/7 availability The full life cycle of share management is on the agenda, with various levels of storage class being
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available and with DFS deciding where the shares should physically reside This virtualization of where storage exists via the DFSN follows Microsoft s strategy with server virtualization, which sees the System Center Virtual Machine Manager solution able to provision and move virtual instances to best suit the load of the virtual instance and where resources are available In terms of replication, although DFSR is great, there are still improvements on the agenda, which focus on using even less bandwidth for replication, adding cluster support for DFSR, and allowing read-only capabilities for replicas You should also see the capability for DFSR to replicate open les You may hear conversations about which should be used, SharePoint or DFSR These are two different solutions DFSR has no distributed locking mechanism, which means there are complications if the same le is edited at the same time on different replicas of the folder, whereas SharePoint has a powerful checking out process DFSR is good for replicating data between locations that are primarily edited only in a single location at any one time
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In the early days of operating systems (OSs), there were not many con gurations to perform during an installation; most desktop OSs were installed manually, and an operator answered minor questions as needed As OSs grew in complexity, however, the number of components needed for installation also grew, thus increasing the questions asked during the installation process To help in the deployment of newer OSs, both desktop and server solutions were created Microsoft introduced Remote Installation Services (RIS), which enabled a computer to boot over the network via a Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) that downloaded a minimal operating environment to the computer This enabled the computer to pull down the OS installation les and perform the install In addition to providing the OS installation les, an answer le could be speci ed that removed the need for an operator to answer questions during the install process for example, unattendtxt RIS was a free solution However, the RIS installation process performed a full installation of the OS le by le; as the OSs grew, the installation times grew accordingly, making this an increasingly less attractive option Third-party vendors worked on their own installation options for Windows OSs, which were based on images of an already-installed OS This chapter examines how Windows Server 2008 solves deployment problems with its own imaging solution
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Image Deployment
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The most time-consuming part of installing an OS is not copying les from media or a network source to the local machine s hard disk The various con gurations and installations performed for each component of the OS take the most time To avoid a lengthy installation process, some vendors
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Deploying Windows
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introduced image-based deployments, which followed this process: 1 Install Windows on a single workstation using traditional mediabased installation 2 Con gure the workstation as required in the enterprise, along with other software that is desired, such as antivirus and of ce applications like word processing 3 Shut down the workstation 4 Boot the workstation from a oppy disk or CD that has a capture utility, which replicates the workstation s hard disk content sector by sector to a capture le on a network location 5 Machines that require installation boot from the network, oppy, or CD, and the capture le of the source workstations is applied to them The disk content is restored sector by sector to their local hard disk This process is a disk duplication all the machines that restore the capture of the source machine s hard drive, when booted, have the same software and con guration as the source machine Because it is a disk duplication, however, the target machines must have the same hardware as the source machine This led to many organizations having a large number of images for each hardware con guration present in the environment An additional problem with this approach (aside from the hard disk sizes often having to match due to the sector-based nature of the capture) was because the disk was effectively duplicated, there were multiple instances of one OS installation running at the same time Why is it a problem to have multiple instances of one OS installation When Windows is installed as part of the OS con guration, the installation generates a unique identi er for the machine that goes beyond usersettable attributes, such as computer name or IP address This unique identi er is known as the machine s security identi er (SID), and it is a core part of security in a Windows environment; every object has a unique SID If you install Windows on one machine and then copy it many times, every machine would have the same SID; this would cause many security problems because all machines would seem to be the same It is, in fact, unworkable in an Active Directory environment, which relies on the machine s SID In addition to its SID, a computer also has a Globally Unique Identi er (GUID), which is a 128-bit value that is guaranteed to
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