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EJB home object An object that provides the life cycle operations (create, remove, find) for an enterprise bean The class for the EJB home object is generated by the container s deployment tools The EJB home object implements the enterprise bean s home interface The client references an EJB home object to perform life cycle operations on an EJB object The client uses JNDI to locate an EJB home object EJB JAR file A JAR archive that contains an EJB module EJB module A software unit that consists of one or more enterprise beans and an EJB deployment descriptor EJB object An object whose class implements the enterprise bean s remote interface A client never references an enterprise bean instance directly; a client always references an EJB object The class of an EJB object is generated by a container s deployment tools EJB server Software provides services to an EJB container For example, an EJB container typically relies on a transaction manager that is part of the EJB server to perform the two-phase commit across all the participating resource managers The J2EE architecture assumes that an EJB container is hosted by an EJB server from the same vendor, so does not specify the contract between these two entities An EJB server may host one or more EJB containers EJB Server Provider A vendor that supplies an EJB server enterprise bean A component that implements a business task or business entity and resides in an EJB container; either an entity bean, session bean, or message-driven bean enterprise information system The applications that comprise an enterprise s existing system for handling company-wide information These applications provide an information infrastructure for an enterprise An enterprise information system offers a well defined set of services to its clients These services are exposed to clients as local and/or remote interfaces Examples of enterprise information systems include: enterprise resource planning systems, mainframe transaction processing systems, and legacy database systems
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enterprise information system resource An entity that provides enterprise information system-specific functionality to its clients Examples are: a record or set of records in a database system, a business object in an enterprise resource planning system, and a transaction program in a transaction processing system Enterprise Bean Provider An application programmer who produces enterprise bean classes, remote and home interfaces, and deployment descriptor files, and packages them in an EJB JAR file Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB ) A component architecture for the development and deployment of objectoriented, distributed, enterprise-level applications Applications written using the Enterprise JavaBeans architecture are scalable, transactional, and secure Enterprise JavaBeans Query Language (EJB QL) Defines the queries for the finder and select methods of an entity bean with container-managed persistence A subset of SQL92, EJB QL has extensions that allow navigation over the relationships defined in an entity bean s abstract schema entity bean An enterprise bean that represents persistent data maintained in a database An entity bean can manage its own persistence or it can delegate this function to its container An entity bean is identified by a primary key If the container in which an entity bean is hosted crashes, the entity bean, its primary key, and any remote references survive the crash filter An object that can transform the header and/or content of a request or response Filters differ from Web components in that they usually do not themselves create responses but rather they modify or adapt the requests for a resource, and modify or adapt responses from a resource A filter should not have any dependencies on a Web resource for which it is acting as a filter so that it can be composable with more than one type of Web resource finder method A method defined in the home interface and invoked by a client to locate an entity bean form-based authentication An authentication mechanism in which a Web container provides an application-specific form for logging in
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