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A Little Theory, a Little Reality
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The set of errors that the tool checks for The lengths to which the tool s creators go to in order to make the tool easy to use Making Sense of the Program Ascribing meaning to a piece of source code is a challenging proposition It requires making sense of the program text, understanding the libraries that the program relies on, and knowing how the various components of the program t together Different compilers (or even different versions of the same compiler) interpret source code in different ways, especially where the language speci cation is ambiguous or allows the compiler leeway in its interpretation of the code A static analysis tool has to know the rules the compiler plays by to parse the code the same way the compiler does Each corner case in the language represents another little problem for a static analysis tool Individually, these little problems are not too hard to solve, but taken together, they make language parsing a tough job To make matters worse, some large organizations create their own language dialects by introducing new syntax into a language This compounds the parsing problem After the code is parsed, a static analysis tool must understand the effects of library or system calls invoked by the program being analyzed This requires the tool to include a model for the behavior of library and system functions Characterizing all the relevant libraries for any widely used programming language involves understanding thousands of functions and methods The quality of the tool s program model and therefore the quality of its analysis results is directly related to the quality of its library characterizations Although most static analysis research has focused on analyzing a single program at a time, real software systems almost always consist of multiple cooperating programs or modules, which are frequently written in different programming languages If a static analysis tool can analyze multiple languages simultaneously and make sense of the relationships between the different modules, it can create a system model that more accurately represents how, when, and under what conditions the different pieces of code will run Finally, modern software systems are increasingly driven by a critical aspect of their environment: configuration files The better a tool can make sense of a program s configuration information, the better the model
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2 Introduction to Static Analysis
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it can create Popular buzzwords, including system-oriented architecture, aspect-oriented programming, and dependency injection, all require understanding configuration information to accurately model the behavior of the program Configuration information is useful for another purpose, too For Web-based applications, the program s configuration often specifies the binding between the code and the URIs used to access the code If a static analysis tool understands this binding, its output can include information about which URIs and which input parameters are associated with each vulnerability In some cases, a dynamic testing tool can use this information to create an HTTP request to the Web application that will demonstrate the vulnerability Working in the other direction, when a dynamic testing tool finds a vulnerability, it can use static analysis results to provide a root-cause analysis of the vulnerability Not all static analysis results are easy to generate tests for, however Some depend on very precise timing, and others require manipulation of input sources other than the HTTP request Just because it is hard to generate a dynamic test for a static analysis result does not mean the result is invalid Conversely, if it is easy to generate a dynamic test for a static analysis result, it is reasonable to assume that it would be easy for an attacker to generate the same test Trade-Offs Between Precision, Depth, and Scalability The most precise methods of static analysis, in which all possible values and all eventualities are tracked with unyielding accuracy, are currently capable of analyzing thousands or tens of thousands of lines of code before the amount of memory used and the execution time required become unworkable Modern software systems often involve millions or tens of millions of lines of code, so maximum precision is not a realistic possibility in many circumstances On the other end of the spectrum, a simple static analysis algorithm, such as one that identifies the use of dangerous or deprecated functions, is capable of processing an effectively unlimited amount of code, but the results provide only limited value Most static analysis tools sacrifice some amount of precision to achieve better scalability Cutting-edge research projects often focus on finding better trade-offs They look for ways to gain scalability by sacrificing precision in such a way that it will not be missed The depth of analysis a tool performs is often directly proportional to the scope of the analysis (the amount of the program that the tool examines
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