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Security is clearly not an easy feature to provide in applications, especially when they are distributed over various programs, machines, and even companies The penalty for overlooking a proper security policy and infrastructure is severe, and the loss of public trust associated with failure is dif cult, if not impossible, to reverse Therefore, a careful consideration of where, when, and how to apply security should never be overlooked By ensuring authentication of both the caller and service, parties can be assured they are exchanging information with an expected party Authorization allows a service to verify that a caller should be granted access to functionality or data directly or indirectly accessible through the service Finally, the privacy of the data exchanged can be protected via encryption, and the integrity of the data can be preserved by digital signatures You ve seen how to leverage certi cates for message- and transportlevel security, which are especially useful for authentication as well as the protection of exchanged data Besides certi cates, you saw a variety of other options for con guring transport and message security, ensuring overall transfer security between callers and services Several scenarios related to intranet and Internet-based service exposure and consumption were introduced and detailed, helping to categorize your own requirements and providing a practical basis for implementation Finally, you saw how to enable WCF s native support for security-event auditing and logging Through logging security events, your organization can quickly diagnose security issues in addition to creating a durable record of requests made for authentication and authorization
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8: Se curity
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Despite the potential complexities of security, you ve seen that WCF offers many options to protect WCF services, as well as the consumers of those services Details at times may be daunting, especially to those new to the underlying concepts, but with WCF, many of these features come at little more expense than enabling basic options in con guration or code
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in the previous chapters, WCF offers numerous options for con guring your distributed applications and for extending WCF with custom code Combine that with the complexities of crossmachine and even cross-company interactions and you have many places to look for sources of unexpected behavior Debugging distributed applications can be a challenging prospect Even if you do have access to the processes and symbol tables necessary for stepping through ow across service call boundaries, remote logic might have been created by a different team with different coding and execution practices There is also the dif culty of ltering diagnostic information to isolate a particular ow of execution for example, a single user s session across multiple services and machines However, the challenge of any distributed system is not only its initial development, but ensuring ease of maintenance as that application is utilized in production scenarios IT administrators need ef cient means for nding root causes of issues so that the responsible company and development team can be noti ed Fortunately, WCF has a number of built-in features and tools for diagnosing causes of issues, often without much more effort than electing to enable those features in your con guration les As you ll see in this chapter, WCF utilizes and builds on the native tracing and diagnostics features
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9: Diagnostics
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of the NET Framework This allows you to leverage your existing knowledge, and it enables integration of WCF applications diagnostics with those of other applications In this chapter, we describe how to use tracing facilities to capture WCF events and logging to capture details of exchanged messages Trace listeners are described, along with examples that show how to con gure the settings for different events The Service Trace Viewer, a powerful tool that is included with WCF, is also described, which enables you to inspect activities across service call boundaries
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