Implementing a WCF Ser vice in .NET framework

Drawing PDF417 in .NET framework Implementing a WCF Ser vice
Implementing a WCF Ser vice
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sions, hosting environment, and COM+ interop settings can be speci ed At node that contains endpoints and a minimum, there must be a node under that Within that, the at least one non-infrastructure ABCs are de ned for each endpoint attribute de nes the URI to which clients will send messages The ,a to the endpoint For instance, if a service is using the binding based on the HTTP protocol, the URI will look like http://www myservercom:8080/MyService/ If an address speci ed is an absolute address (that is, not blank and not just a path), this address overrides the base address speci ed by the host when creating the service When the service is started by a host, WCF starts the listener, which listens on this address for incoming requests In the case of IIS hosting, the listener is likely already started, so WCF registers with it so that requests for that URI are directed to the WCF service attribute de nes the communications details needed to The connect to the service It de nes the entire channel stack, which at a minimum includes the network adapter channel It could also include encryption, compression, and other channels Many system-provided bindings , which is compatible with ship with WCF, such as , which implements more advanced Web services ASMX, that require message-level security, transactions, and other advanced , which implements a secure fast wire format features, and similar to NET Remoting and DCOM attribute references the type de ned by the service endThe point WCF inspects the type and exposes that as metadata at the MEX endpoint, if a MEX endpoint is present in the service WCF nds the type information by looking rst in the \bin folder and then in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) for the machine If it can t nd the type information, the service will return error information to Add Service Reference or when those tools request the WSDL If the MEX endpoint does not exist, the service will function ne, but clients will not be able to inspect its ABCs
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More on Service Hosting WCF enables you to host services in any operating system process In the majority of situations, IIS is the right hosting environment to achieve great
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1: Basics
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performance, manageability, and security If you already have IIS running in your environment, you already have security practices in place Sophisticated IT shops often de ne explicit policies and procedures for security and have automated tools for verifying compliance Smaller shops often use the implicit security built in to IIS and Windows 2003 In either case, existing security practices would be applied to IIS-hosted WCF services But there are also reasons to not use IIS for hosting You may not want to use HTTP as the protocol You may want explicit control of the startup and shutdown events Or you may want to provide a custom administration interface rather than using the IIS tools If you don t want to use IIS for hosting, this is no problem WCF makes self-hosting very easy and exible Selfhosting is the term used to describe a hosting method where the developer instantiates the service host, rather than relying on IIS or Windows Process Activation Services (WAS) The simplest way of hosting a service is to write a console application, as shown in Listing 11 This isn t too useful in production because having command windows on a server isn t a great practice, but for getting started, it eliminates all dependencies on IIS infrastructure The main program cre, which, as the name implies, will host ates a new instance of method on the and the service The program calls the then continues about its business In this case, there s nothing to do except wait for someone to press Enter, at which point the application calls the method on the ServiceHost is called, the listens on the addresses speci ed After does a few by the endpoints When messages arrive, the things First, based on the channel stack de ned by the binding, it applies any decryption, decompression, and security rules Second, based on the contract, it deserializes the incoming message into NET types, creates a new object, and then invokes the proper operation on the object
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Exposing the Metadata Exchange (MEX) Endpoint Metadata in WCF refers to the information that describes precisely how to communicate with a service Clients can request metadata from a running service to learn about their endpoints and the message formats that they
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