Security in SimpleDB-Based Applications in Java

Generating Quick Response Code in Java Security in SimpleDB-Based Applications
8 Security in SimpleDB-Based Applications
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cially in the era of web services and cloud computing However, security remains as high of a concern as ever The most important steps you can take to secure your cloud-based applications involve a thorough evaluation of possible attack vectors Consistency is required in the handling of credentials, in sanitizing user data, and in protecting sensitive information
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Increasing Performance
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Concern forproducts are performance is expressed frequently and comparisonstotoensure SimpleDB standard database often madeThere are many steps that can be taken
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the best possible performance when making calls into SimpleDBThis chapter explains these techniques in a practical way with code samples SimpleDB is fast not super-fast, but fast SimpleDB is not the king of total throughput or complex query speed Nevertheless, for the simple cases, speed is probably not going to be one of your problems How you use the service has important implications on how it will perform, however: If you use it in certain ways, it simply will not be fast
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Determining If SimpleDB Is Fast Enough
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It is often said that everything is fast for small NWhen applied to databases, this means that when the database is storing a small amount of data and the request volume is low, all the database functions will appear speedyThere is truth in this, and a few logical conclusions followThe first thing this assertion implies is that when you use this service for small projects, it is going to be fast no matter what you doAll the operations are quick, and even complex queries return quickly without the need for optimizationThis is not only true for permanently small projects but for projects that start out small and grow over time In some quarters, this has become part of the standard advice; don t worry about optimizing your database when your current scale is small because it does not matterThe reason it is worth discussing here is the added benefits SimpleDB affords your project at a small scale
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Targeting Moderate Performance in Small Projects
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It is easy to make accurate and precise comparisons between databases; anyone can do it, post a nice blog about it, and throw in a couple pretty graphs to go with itThe difficulty is in making valid comparisons It s hard enough with installable, configurable databases competing in the same categoryThey have various options or storage engines, and even though you install them on identical hardware, there is still a need to find the most appropriate set of configurationsValid comparisons are even more difficult for services like
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9 Increasing Performance
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SimpleDB, where the differences lie not only in the feature set but also in qualities of the service that are not addressed in other offeringsThese difficult-to-measure aspects are what make the service so attractive SimpleDB is targeted at relatively small data sets, where modest query capability is neededThis should immediately eliminate comparisons to any sort of data warehousing or analytical database configurations SimpleDB can scale up to medium-sized data, but only in increments of 10GB domainsThe typical performance comparisons between databases today consist of benchmark operations against database tables measured in the hundreds of gigabytes if not terabytes This is where the interesting comparisons are for large-scale databasesThose comparisons are interesting because at that scale, you can really see the benefits of the performance optimizations Conversely, at the small scale, benchmarking is less interesting because it is much harder to see the performance differences Moreover, it is not even that the differences are harder to see; it is just that they are so small, it s harder to see them as importantThis is no accidentAt the small scale, the performance differences between databases may actually be unimportant, even order-of-magnitude differences If a web page needs to be populated by data returned from a set of queries, a database that can return the data in two milliseconds is not significantly better than one that takes 20 millisecondsThe database time is dwarfed by the combination of times required for page building, internet latency, and browser rendering Dropping the page load time for a web page from 1540 seconds to 1502 seconds is not an important accomplishment This is the territory where SimpleDB lives fast, but not super-fast Operations do not come back in the single-digit milliseconds (usually), but double-digit millisecond responses can be achieved In addition, SimpleDB is excellent at handling concurrency, and so multiple requests can be made in parallelThis makes it possible to issue a handful of requests, each of which may take double-digit milliseconds and still potentially get all the responses back without breaking double digits For small projects, the SimpleDB benefits can be much more important than the performance boost from fast to really fast that you might get by switching to a relational database
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