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1 Introducing Amazon SimpleDB
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model SimpleDB can be used as part of the prototyping process, enabling you to evolve your schema dynamically as issues surface that may not otherwise have become known so quicklyYou may be migrating from a different database with an existing data modelThe important thing to remember is that SimpleDB is simple by design It can be useful in a variety of situations and does not prevent you from creating your own schema external to SimpleDB
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Areas Where Relational Databases Struggle
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Relational databases have been around for some timeThere are many robust and mature products available Modern database products offer a multitude of features and a host of configuration options One area where difficulty arises is with database features that you do not need or that you should not use for a particular application Applications that have simple data storage requirements do not benefit from the myriad of available options In fact, it can be detrimental in a couple different ways If you need to learn the intricacies of a particular database product before you can make good use of it, the time spent learning takes away from time you could have spent on your application Knowledge of how database products work is good to have It would be hard to argue that you wasted your time by learning it because that information could serve you well far into the future Similarly, if there is a much simpler solution that meets your needs, you could choose that instead If you had no immediate requirement to gain product specific database expertise, it would be hard to insist that you made the wrong choice It is a tough sell to argue that the more time-consuming, yet educational, route is always better than the simple and direct routeThis is a challenge faced by databases today, when the simple problems are not met with simple solutions Another pain point with relational databases is horizontal scaling It is easy to scale a database vertically by beefing up your server because memory and disk drives are inexpensive However, scaling a database across multiple servers can be extremely difficult There is a whole spectrum of options available for horizontal scaling that includes basic master-slave replication as well as complicated sharding strategiesThese solutions each require a different, and sometimes considerable, amount of expertise Nevertheless, they all have one thing in common when compared to vertical scaling solutions On top of the implementation difficulty, each additional server results in an additional increase in ongoing maintenance responsibility Moreover, it is not merely the additional server maintenance of having more servers I am referring to the actual database administration tasks of managing additional replicas, backups, and log shipping It also includes the tasks of rolling out schema changes and new indexes to all servers in the cluster If you are in a situation where you want a simple database solution or you want horizontal scaling, SimpleDB is definitely a service to consider However, you may need to be prepared to defend your decision
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Abandoning the Relational Model
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Scalability Isn t Your Problem
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Around every corner, you can find people who will challenge your efforts to scale horizontally Beyond the cost and difficulty, there is a degree of resistance to products and services that seek to solve these problems The typical, and now clich d, advice tends to be that scalability is not your problem, and trying to solve scalability at the outset is a case of premature optimizationThis is followed by a discussion of how many daily page views a single high-performance database server can support Finally, it ends by noting that it is really just a problem for when you reach the scale of Google or Amazon The premise of the argument is actually solid, although not applicable to all situations The premise is that when you are building a site or service that nobody has heard of yet, you are more concerned about handling loads of people than about making the site remarkable It is good advice for these situations Moreover, it is especially timely considering that there is a small but religious segment of Internet commentators who eagerly chime, X doesn t scale, where X is any alternative to the solution the commenter uses Among programmers, there is a general preoccupation with performance optimization that seems somewhat out of balance The fact is that for many projects, scalability really is not your problem, but availability can be Distributing your data store across servers from the outset is not a premature optimization when you can quantify the cost of down time If a couple hours of downtime will have an impact on your business, then availability is something worth thinking about For the IT department delivering a mission-critical application, availability is important Even if only 20 users will use it during normal business hours, when it provides a competitive advantage, it is important to maintain availability through expected outages When you have a product launch, and your credibility is at stake as much as your revenue, you are not putting the cart before the horse when you protect yourself against hardware failures There are many situations where availability is an important system quality Look at how common it is for a multi-server web cluster to host one website Before you can add a second web server, you must first solve a small set of known problems User sessions have to be managed properly; load balancing has to be in place and routing around unresponsive servers However, web server clusters are useful for more than high-traffic load handlingThey are also beneficial because we know that hardware will fail, and we want to maintain service during the failureWe can add another web server because it is neither costly nor difficult, and it improves the availabilityWith the advent of systems designed to provide higher database availability that are not costly nor hard, availability becomes worth pursuing for less-critical projects
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