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Using i-mode
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NTT DoCoMo has focused on making i-mode easy to use If you opt to add i-mode service to your mobile phone, there will usually be a special button for i-mode features When you press this button, a special menu with your favorite sites pops up, along with an index of 600 preferred imode partner sites i-mode service costs 300 yen (about $3) per month, and you are charged 03 yen for every 128byte data packet Unlike most American and European wireless services, you are not charged based on how long you are connected, but based on how much data you transfer This is another big reason for i-mode's success: If you download a small adventure story and read it for 30 minutes, you are only charged a few pennies for the download size, not exorbitant fees for the 30 minutes NOTE Many i-mode games are designed to have small packet sizes, with requests for new data as infrequently as possible In addition, most of i-mode's most popular sites charge a monthly access fee Many game portals, for instance, charge an additional 300 yen per month The charge is automatically tacked on to your wireless bill, and profits are split between NTT DoCoMo and the content provider
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NOTE If you want to become an i-mode developer or find out more information about the business model, check out the English Web site at http://wwwnttdocomocom/ Many of today's i-mode handsets feature color screens The latest i-mode phones now also support a version of Java called iAppli For more information about this, check out 22, "iAppli: Micro Java with a Twist" NOTE Note that the maximum size for an i-mode page, including all cHTML markup and image, is 5KB Anything larger than that will not be downloaded NTT DoCoMo, in fact, recommends you limit your pages to 2KB
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Compact HTML (cHTML)
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URL: http://wwww3org/TR/1998/NOTE-compactHTML-19980209/ Just as WAP has WML, the markup language used to create i-mode sites is cHTML cHTML is nothing more than a subset of HTML versions 20, 32, and 40 The language also has a few special extras, such as tags that enable the user to dial a voice phone connection There are also a special set of characters called emoji that enable you to drop in small graphic icons based on emotions, communication, transportation, and home life The simplicity of cHTML is also its power Developers can use the dozens of Web authoring tools and services out on the market to build cHTML In addition, a valid cHTML page is, by definition, valid HTML, and thus can be run or tested in any Web browser although certain tags are specific to i-mode and will not show up properly Furthermore, i-mode users can access any Web page in the world and see a simplified but complete version of it on their mobile phone screens WARNING In practice, if you try to browse a Web page that hasn't been formatted for the small screen using cHTML, the page might be bigger than your handset's display size or memory, and only a portion of it will be shown Unlike WML 11, cHTML supports color, precise text and graphic placements, and other features more typical of complex, rich Web pages than the typical dinky wireless data applications cHTML was created by Access Co, Ltd The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standardized the language in 1998 NTT DoCoMo phones currently run three versions of cHTML, each more sophisticated than the previous one
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Character Sets
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Because i-mode is currently only available in Japan, if you want to create an i-mode game you would do well to write all text in Japanese The name of the encoding standard used with i-mode is Shift-JIS English characters, using the Western Encoding standard (ISO-8859-1), are also supported
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