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URL: http://wwwfuncastercom/ FunCaster offers 30 different types of games, including casino, chance, mind, leisure, word, and kids games Some of the more unusual offerings include
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Mermaid A game of pure chance You can choose from five different rocks Choose a rock, then guess what type of marine lifeform lives beneath You can double your score if a mermaid appears Shapez Guess the arrangement of four shapes, given six possible shapes, as seen in Figure 314 The play is similar to the classic Mastermind game Figure 314 Shapez
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Unplugged Games
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URL: http://wwwungamescom/ Unplugged Games creates back-end game technology as well as original wireless games The founders of the company come from a strong game background and are focused on using small devices in innovative ways Void Raider Void Raider is a complex, rich game of intergalactic trade and war You begin as the Ensign in command of a tiny starship, and must capture enemy merchant ships, selling the cargo at a profit You can also hire yourself out as an escort, and protect friendly merchant ships from enemy raids If you get good enough, you can even go on hunts for enemy privateers, kidnap them, and demand random You must manage your crew, your ship's engine, and your weapons As you earn more money, you can upgrade your ship and hire better crews You can eventually get promoted to Fleet Admiral
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Rags 2 Riches In this wacky game, you are a fashion designer trying to predict next season's trends This is a rich guessing game with amusing writing and wacky situations Word Trader Word Trader is one of the most original WAP games out there You are given a list of five words Each word is associated with a different category, such as animals or cooking You trade away the words you don't want to other players, and then get new words dealt to you at random The idea is to build a list of five within the same category After you've made a match, you "claim" that category The first player to claim six out of eight categories is the winner
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URL: http://wwwngamecom/indexhtml nGame features games that can be played across multiple platforms Many of their games work on the Web, on interactive TV, and on mobile phones The company has dozens of WAP games, including nearly every classic casino game They also have a great selection of originals Alien Fish Exchange Try to breed the most exotic aquatic life! You are given a few alien fish to start off with Take care of your fish, feeding them and playing with them, to encourage them to mutate into new breeds The game features dozens of different breeds, each with different attributes and behaviors The game is multiplayer and the world is persistent you can log off the game at any time, and your fish continue to grow or waste away You can access your virtual aquarium from the Web, your cell phone (Figure 315) or your digital TV set (Figure 316) Figure 315 Alien Fish Exchange on a cell phone
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Figure 316 Alien Fish Exchange on digital TV
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Carrier Force You command a fleet of eight ships patrol boat, minesweeper, assault ship, submarine, destroyer, cruiser, battleship, or aircraft carrier Select two of your ships to fight If you use a powerful ship, you will always win but you want to avoid sacrificing a powerful carrier against a lowly patrol boat Points are gained for every enemy ship you defeat, as seen in Figure 317 The game can be played against human players or against the computer Figure 317 Carrier Force
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Chop Suey Kung Fu You choose a Kung Fu Master and then fight against an opponent Each turn, both players pick from a selection of martial arts moves More powerful moves are less likely to hit As with most other nGame games, this game is playable against either humans or the computer Data Clash You are a hacker Your job is to create various attack programs and do battle with other players across the network You must also write your own defensive programs, because you can be attacked at any time
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The game is in a persistent world Your programs can be attacked whether you are logged in or not As you explore the network, you will also compete against dozens of other hackers Your can maintain your programs by logging in via the Web, digital TV, or mobile phone There are 90 different offensive and defensive programs to choose from! Figure 318 shows a sample screen from the game Figure 318 Data Clash
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