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Other Linux Handhelds
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Several other handhelds are coming out that run the Linux operating system For example, the Samsung Yopy, designed by a small company called GMate, has Linux at its core More information can be found at http://wwwyopycom/ Any Linux device can be easily loaded with PersonalJava
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Micro Java Virtual Machines
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While most PDAs do not have Java pre-installed on them, it is almost always possible to get Java support Some devices are even capable of running the full Java 2 Standard Edition This section will show you some of the ways to fit a Java virtual machine (JVM) onto various devices Javasoft's KVM for the Palm You can download a full Software Development Kit (SDK) enabling you to develop Java applications on your desktop and then deploy them on your Palm URL: http://javasuncom/products/cldc/ Javasoft's MIDP for the PalmOS Sun also offers a special version of MIDP for the PalmOS You can download a binary release of the CLDC and MIDP libraries, along with a desktop utility that converts MIDlets into Palm's PRC files In addition to all of MIDP's standard features, the library also includes some expanded PalmOS-only features:
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Palm preferences HotSync support MIDlet beaming support
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URL: http://javasuncom/products/midp/palmOShtml/ Javasoft's PersonalJava for Windows CE A binary version of the PersonalJava environment is available for Windows CE Version 211 A version for the latest Windows CE Version 30 or better is not available yet URL: http://javasuncom/products/personaljava/ IBM J9 VM IBM's J9 Virtual Machine supports PalmOS, Windows CE, as well as pretty much every other major operating system out there The Visual Age Micro Edition product enables developers to create CLDC as well as Connected Device Configuration (CDC) programs for J2ME URL: http://wwwembeddedoticom/learn/vaesvmhtml Esmertec Jbed Micro Edition CDLC Esmertec has created a small and fast JVM specially tailored to the Palm Operating System Unlike many other JVMs, the JbedVM CLDC compiles Java bytecode to native code on the device itself, making execution times an order of magnitude faster than standard, interpreted JVMs
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URL: http://wwwesmerteccom/p_jbed_cldc_longhtml kAWT Extended KVM (xKVM) Formerly known as the ColorKVM, this KVM version runs on color versions of the PalmOS 35 or better This team has taken Sun's KVM 102 source code and added support for advanced Palm devices:
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Color and grayscale graphics, including 16-bit color for Handspring and other devices that support high resolutions JogDial support for the Sony CLIE devices HandEra 330s 240x320 QVGA high-resolution screen and support for minimizing and maximizing the silkscreen
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A special micro version of Standard Java's Abstract Window Toolkit can also be included in the KVM URL: http://wwwkawtde/ Kadasystems Kada VM This VM is a clean-room implementation of PersonalJava for the JVM The VM comes packaged with the Kada APIs, which support PersonalJava 118 as well as javasql and javamath for more advanced applications The Kada APIs have a total footprint of 460KB There are two sizes of Kada VM you can download: The Kada Compact VM for simple AWT or network applications running on smaller devices; and the Kada Standard VM, which has support for database functionality Both versions of the KadaVM are available for PalmOS 35 or Windows CE URL: http://wwwkadasystemscom/kada_vmhtml MicroJBlend Using the technology behind JBlend, which is a well-known and very quick embedded Java system, MicroJBlend is a KVM for Windows CE that supports the full J2ME MIDP specification The latest version also supports NTT DoCoMo's i-Appli standard URL: http://wwwjblendcom/en/overview/microJBlendhtml Jeode EVM The Jeode Embedded Virtual Machine (EVM) is a PersonalJava-compliant runtime environment available for many processors and devices, including the Windows CE 212 and 30 Jeode has created one of the fastest virtual machines out there A special iPaq version called JeodeRuntime is available, including plug-in support for Pocket Internet Explorer URL: http://wwwinsigniacom/products/defaultasp NSIcom CrEme
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CrEme is an augmented Java Virtual Machine, specially designed for Windows CE devices The VM is easy-to-install and has a small footprint URL: http://wwwnsicomcom/products/cremeasp HP chaiVM for Pocket PC This virtual machine supports the full version of JDK 118 along with JNI A version of Chai for the Jornada is freely available, and needs 16MB of memory to run A CLDC/MIDP version of chaiVM is expected out by the end of the year URL: http://wwwhpcom/products1/embedded/products/platform/chaivmhtml SAVAJE XE Operating System This is a full-blown JVM for the StrongARM processor It allows the full Java 2 Standard Edition with JDBC, Jini, RMI, and so on to run on the iPaq, the Psion netBook, and other such devices SavaJe XE has a 12MB footprint and requires a minimum hardware configuration of a 190MHz Intel StrongARM processor (SA1100/1110) with 32MB of RAM URL: http://wwwsavajecom/products/savajexehtml Transvirtual Kaffe Kaffe is a clean-room, open source implementation of the Java virtual machine and class libraries Started by Tim Wilkinson and added to by dozens of contributors, Kaffe enables PersonalJava 30 programs to be run on nearly any platform or operating system In addition to the full JDK 13 PersonalJava functions, Kaffe handles graphics, file management, and networking A Windows CE version is available URL: http://wwwkaffeorg/
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