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Throughout this book we have discussed techniques to sidestep or deal with many of the preceding problems You have learned how to create your own transparency, make the most out of slow networks, and simulate floating-point math In addition, more and more manufacturers are coming out with snazzier extensions to MIDP, allowing for image manipulation, transparency, and enhanced audio i-mode phones come with some great sound and graphics features out of the box Siemens, with their nifty game API, are the first to deliver on the promise of extensions Other companies such as Ericsson and Nokia have game APIs in store and are likely to follow suit Of course, using one of these APIs means that your game will only work on one particular brand of phone It's important to remember that Java is perhaps the easiest modern language to develop in With garbage collection of old objects and the lack of memory allocation and pointers, it's a great way to create quick prototypes and develop them out into full apps The object-oriented nature of Java makes it easy to maintain, enabling developers to make sweeping code changes with a little modification to a superclass Writing a native handheld application requires countless hours of debugging, emulating, testing, deploying, re-debugging, and packaging Write to the wrong memory location, and you can easily fry the machine If you waste a little memory on a desktop or server application, nobody will bat an eye But when dealing with a tiny space like a mobile phone, every bad byte hurts Memory leaks in Java are possible, but they are much easier to avoid Perhaps the most compelling argument for using Java is that you guessed it you can write once and run everywhere A game written for a Motorola cell phone can also run on a Nokia, an Ericsson, a Siemens, or a Palm The same code could even be compiled and run as an applet in a Web browser, as an application on a million-dollar server machine, in your car's dashboard, or eventually in a Java-powered neural link to your own brain! Finally, don't forget about the promise of wireless devices Although it might seem silly to try to achieve a rich, meaningful immersion on a tiny 100x100 pixel screen, there's one thing mobile phone games give you that even the best consoles can't provide: Micro games are always with you, and can be played anywhere you go This not only means that games can now be more convenient, but wholly new types of games can be designed that take advantage of new lifestyles
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Putting Together the Pieces
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So what do we have here
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In s 15, 16 and 17, we developed a sprite system and figured out how to create, move, and animate our hero (the race car) and the enemy cars We also figured out how to detect and deal with collisions In 18, we added sound In 19, we discussed ways of saving information as the local database record This is a useful way of keeping track of how much money you have to spend, and what special attributes your car has In 20, we created the Garage, an online community you can visit to buy and sell car parts
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So what really remains is to tie everything together Basically, our game needs to become more than a simple action game we need to create a complex data structure that lets the player know how good her car is We need to structure the car in terms of its chassis, engine, tires, weapons, and power-ups This way, when the player goes online to the Garage to buy components, these items will have meaningful values Right now, the car doesn't have any weapons at all! Let's look at how to add some simple weapons, such as oil slicks, machine guns, and flamethrowers Another important element will be power-ups We should scatter ammo, tires, new weapon types, and more throughout the track so that players can spiff up their current weapon This will make it worth more if they try to sell it online To deal with this new complexity and power, we should also create smarter computer-controlled opponents Some of the enemies can have weapons of their own! This will involve more advanced artificial intelligence techniques Finally, we should create several types of tracks to make the game more interesting, and inspire players to try various levels Whew! Can we do it
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