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85 General considerations
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Having discussed some of the specific issues surrounding using the javanet package we will now move on to some of the more general issues These are considerations that are not directly related to the coding of a project, but should be considered when the overall design of the system is being developed 851 Network bandwidth constraints One of the biggest problems facing Java and related technologies is the limited capacity of the Internet Java invites users to download and manipulate a rich content set which can include images, sound clips and motion video, in addition to the requirement to download the class files associated with the execution of the code When designing an applet, you should consider carefully the impact of poor network quality on your application For example, if your system consists of an applet which feeds back user response to a remote server controlling the animations that are transmitted to the applet, what impact will poor performance have In this instance it is easy to imagine that network congestion will delay the user feedback to the server by several seconds This will frustrate the users as they provide the same feedback again and when the server gets the messages the action will be executed twice Equally, from an attention-span perspective, not many users are going to wait an hour for your meticulously crafted full-motion video to be downloaded over an already crowded network As a developer, you have but a limited period of time from when the user clicks on the link to your applet to losing interest to show your wares regardless of whether your content is commercial, educational or recreational If you want your applet to be viewed, then carefully consider how you can minimize the amount of network resources you will consume One approach that is being considered on a project one of us is involved with is to have the user install the majority of bespoke classes in advance of using the applet However, this approach is not suitable for every application; this project is supporting many tens of thousands of users and the applet code will frequently be reused Another approach is to optimize the structure of the code to use as many components as possible from the standard Java packages While this may force a slightly more generic appearance on applets, it does significantly reduce the network demand Whatever way you decide to optimize your applet it is worth doing The amount of time it takes for a user to become bored is very small, and to capture the imagination in spite of generally poor network access is a skill which is worth honing 852 Good behaviour Another aspect of using the network library is to ensure that the user has control over the network processes For example, if you wrote some code which played an audio stream over the network as it was downloaded you should also take precautions to ensure that the user can control what could be an irritating behaviour If the audio stream accompanied a transcript of a speech, a user visiting the software in a shared office may well want to switch off the audio and concentrate on the text In our experience, there is no other aspect of control in software which gets more overlooked or underestimated than network connections When writing any kind of code, make sure that the user has control and not the developer Users who get tired of software will not revisit it
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86 Summary
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In this chapter we have covered the use of the javanet package This allows a developer to create and
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manage network connections We explained how to build a server and demonstrated that the same principles can be used to create functional clients Throughout the chapter we focused on the package and not on the back-end functionality that would tailor the code to specific applications We have discussed the basic steps that are required to make use of the network classes and given examples of each one We have also discussed the limitations that the security model imposes on network connections and the implications this has on code design We have provided a method to determine which server supplied the Web page to the browser and therefore which machine the applet can connect to without violating the security rules, and we have advocated not violating those rules with regard to user trust and breakable code Finally, we have discussed a few points which are worthy of consideration when planning network-dependent code After reading this chapter, you should be able to implement both server and client functionality into Java code and have an understanding of the general approach taken by the Java system We feel that the network package is one of the most flexible and important elements of the Java system, and we fully expect to see it become an essential tool in Java development especially in applet development Using the network classes enables a Java applet to reach out beyond the confines of the Web browser and create an environment where the user can access information in a coordinated model, restricted only by the user s capacity to absorb data
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