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CHAPTER 7 The Presentation Tier
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message notifications about schedule changes on her cell phone She hopes the League Planet user interface will be a no-brainer
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Kenny Pau, Player: Kenny is a 12-year-old baseball player He uses the family personal computer mainly for playing Doom, Quake, and Halo However, he is also very adept at using Google to do research for his homework assignments Although he thinks it would be very cool to have his own Web page for baseball stats at League Planet, he is not prepared to learn HTML like those loser geeks who belong to the computer club at school Sheila MacPherson, Manager: Sheila is a 21-year-old university student, majoring in psychology She s the captain of her college s Ultimate Frisbee team and thinks it would be great to use League Planet to coordinate both the regular schedule and playoffs Sheila uses her laptop computer for all her university assignments She is very comfortable with spreadsheet software, which she uses for her psychology labs and personal finances She hopes League Planet will be as easy as that Peter Alverez, Administrator: Peter is a 26-year-old Webmaster He obtained a bachelor of computer science degree from a state university where he picked up UNIX system administration skills in his spare time by running one of the labs After graduating, he did Web development for a small start-up that went broke after two years He recently has been hired by League Planet as an administrator Peter lives thousands of miles and several time zones away from the League Planet main office and will work remotely
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The astute reader will notice that we have employed the mnemonic device of starting the last name of each persona with the same letter as their user role However, after a while these personas should become so familiar to us that no mnemonic will be necessary The personas should come alive to us For example, when we design the player user interface we should be asking ourselves what Kenny would think of it If we are tempted to introduce some Wiki-like syntax for marking up the player biographies, then we should quickly reject it on the grounds that Kenny would think it was turning him into a geek On the other hand, if we think that managers might like to import and export team information in comma-separated value format, then we should tell ourselves that Sheila, the spreadsheet expert, would probably appreciate that
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Graphic Design
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Graphic Design
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Graphic design includes the layout of Web pages and the selection of colors, typography, and images Creating a pleasing graphic design requires both talent and training and is best left to a skilled professional Although some programmers do possess artistic ability, they are the exception The rest of us can, however, take some steps to improve the situation If you cannot employ the services of a professional graphic designer, then you can at least learn how to avoid the most obvious errors In their classic book, Web Pages That Suck [Flanders1996], Vincent Flanders and Michael Willis teach good design principles by looking at bad examples Their book is both informative and highly entertaining For a very accessible introduction to the principles of visual design and typography, see The Non-Designer s Design Book [Williams1994] by Robin Williams This book discusses the use of proximity, alignment, repetition, and contrast in design and also explains how to select and combine typographic elements Although this book was written for print media, it applies equally well to the Web For specific guidelines for Web design, see the sequel, The Non-Designer s Web Book [Williams1998], by Robin Williams and John Tollett If you are interested in acquiring UI design skills, there are excellent resources available Designing Interfaces [Tidwell2005] by Jennifer Tidwell takes an overall look at Web usability, but is for people who already know basic UI terminology and core UI design concepts You can also find professional advice on the Web at sites such as Luke Wrobleski s LukeW Interface Designs at
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Even if you are an expert graphic designer, you should separate the graphic style elements from the presentation logic as much as possible so they can be changed independently In the extreme case, you might want to allow the end user to change the graphic design elements while the application is running One of the simplest techniques you can use is stylesheets A stylesheet lets you separate the presentation of a Web page from its content There are two standard stylesheet technologies in common use on the Web: CSS and XSLT We ll discuss the tools available in WTP for developing CSS and XSLT later (see the sections Iteration 2: CSS and Iteration 4: XML and XSLT) CSS is the most widespread stylesheet technology CSS lets you control the color, font, alignment, spacing, and other display properties of HTML tags The presentation logic of your Web application should avoid directly specifying these display properties in the HTML Instead, HTML tags should include a class attribute that abstractly defines their content, and the display properties of each
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