The Road Ahead in Java

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CHAPTER 17 The Road Ahead
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Apache Axis2 and W3C WSDL 20
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Web service standards are also undergoing significant change During the last few years, many new specifications have been developed The original SOAP 11 and WSDL 11 specifications, which were member submissions and published as W3C Notes, entered the W3C Recommendation Track SOAP 12 is now a W3C Recommendation, and WSDL 20 is a W3C Candidate Recommendation In addition to these core specifications, there are many Web service specifications that cover advanced protocol features These include Web Service Security, Web Service Reliable Messaging, Web Service Addressing, Web Service Policy, and many more In fact, the large number of new Web service specifications has given rise to the term WS-* There seems to be a new Web service specification for every conceivable aspect of distributed computing Many of the specifications will never be implemented, but many of them are being implemented and will be available for use in production soon Microsoft is one of the main proponents of the WS-* stack and has delivered implementations of them in the Windows Communication Framework (WCF), which is part of the Vista release of the Windows operating system Beta versions of WCF have been available for some time In the Java Open Source world, Apache Axis2 is leading the way Axis2 Version 111 was released on January 9, 2007 Major J2EE vendors are likely to adopt Axis2 as their core Web services engine WTP plans to upgrade its current Axis support to include Axis2 In the area of WSDL 20 support, the Apache Woden project is developing a reference implementation of a validating parser This code is being integrated into Axis2, which will include WSDL2Java and Java2WSDL code generators WTP plans to integrate Woden into its WSDL tools, including the WSDL editor, validator, explorer, and wizard Support for the combination of SOAP 12 and WSDL 20 will help bridge the current gap between the WS-* stack and REST style Web services With its support for HTTP GET requests, SOAP 12 will make it possible to implement REST style Web services that play well with the WS-* stack Similarly, with its improved HTTP binding, SOAP 12 support, and ability to describe safe operations and messages that contain references to Web services, WSDL 20 now is a suitable description language for REST style Web services
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Eclipse PHP Development Tools Project
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PHP is one of the most widely used scripting languages for dynamically generating Web pages Although PHP is technically similar in many respects to JSP and ASPNET, its huge popularity derives in part from its tight association with the Apache Web server PHP is an Open Source technology and there is a PHP module
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available for the Apache Web server Most sites that use the Apache Web server, which according to the Netcraft surveys hold in excess of a 60 percent market share, also include the PHP module This means that the path of least resistance for including dynamic content in your Web site is to use PHP This translates to a large PHP development community Zend, the creator of PHP, and IBM recently created the Eclipse PHP Development Tools project PHP is outside the scope of the WTP Web Standard Tools (WST) project because PHP is not governed by a standards body It is a de facto standard However, it is a stated goal of WST to be extendable to support other technologies, including PHP, and that is precisely what the PHP project has done Zend and IBM in fact demonstrated the PHP tools running on top of WST at EclipseCon 2006 The two main integration points with WST are a server adapter for the Apache Web server, which uses the Server Tools API, and a PHP source editor, which uses the Structured Source Editor (SSE) API The Apache Web server adapter is, of course, not specific to PHP developers and is likely to be contributed to WST
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