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Another character-manipulation problem that we can use the library to solve succinctly is determining whether a word is a palindrome Palindromes are words that are spelled the same way front to back as back to front For example, "civic," "eye," "level," "madam," and "rotor" are all palindromes Here is a compact solution that uses the library:
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bool is_palindrome(const string& s) { return equal(sbegin(), send(), srbegin()); }
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The return statement in this function's body calls the equal function and the rbegin member function, both of which we have not yet seen Like begin, rbegin returns an iterator, but this time it is an iterator that starts with the last element in the container and marches backward through the container The equal function compares two sequences to determine whether they contain equal values As usual, the first two iterators passed to equal specify the first sequence The third argument is the starting point for the second sequence
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The equal function assumes that the second sequence is the same size as the first, so it does not need an ending iterator Because we pass srbegin() as the starting point for the second sequence, the effect of this call is to compare values from the back of s to values in the front The equal function will compare the first character in s with the last Then it will compare the second to the next to last, and so on This behavior is precisely what we want
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613 Finding URLs
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As the last of our examples of character manipulation, let's write a function that finds Web addresses, called uniform resource locators (URLs), that are embedded in a string We might use such a function by creating a single string that holds the entire contents of a document The function would then scan the document and find all the URLs in it A URL is a sequence of characters of the form protocol-name: //resource-name where protocol-name contains only letters, and resource-name may consist of letters, digits, and certain punctuation characters Our function will take a string argument and will look for instances of :// in that string Each time we find such an instance, we'll look for the protocol-name that precedes it, and the resource-name that follows it Because we want our function to find all the URLs in its input, we'll want it to return a vector<string>, with one element for each URL The function executes by moving the iterator b through the string, looking for the characters :// that might be a part of a URL If we find these characters, it looks backward to find the protocol-name, and it looks forward to find the resource-name:
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vector<string> find_urls(const string& s) { vector<string> ret; typedef string::const_iterator iter; iter b = sbegin(), e = send(); // look through the entire input while (b != e) { // look for one or more letters followed by :// b = url_beg(b, e); // if we found it if (b != e) { // get the rest of the URL iter after = url_end(b, e); // remember the URL retpush_back(string(b, after)); // advance b and check for more URLs on this line b = after; } } return ret; }
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We start by declaring ret, which is the vector into which we will put the URLs as we find them, and by obtaining iterators that delimit the string We will have to write the url_beg and url_end functions, which will find the beginning and end of any URL in the input The url_beg function will be responsible for identifying whether a valid URL is present and, if so, for returning an iterator that refers to the first character of the protocol-name If it does not identify a URL in the input, then it will return its second argument (e in this case) to indicate failure If url_beg finds a URL, the next task is to find the end of the URL by calling url_end That function will search from the given position until it reaches either the end of the input or a character that cannot be part of a URL It will return
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