Graphical Modeling Framework in Java

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42 Graphical Modeling Framework
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picture that needs to be synchronized, so it s recommended that you first define all your figures and generate the plug-in that contains the associated mirrorgmfgraph model The mapping model uses the mirrored model instead of the original graphical definition model With this approach, the mapping model passes class name references to the generator model, not actual classes The generated code simply references the figure classes in their own plug-in and is not written out as inner classes within generated edit parts This process imposes the additional step of regenerating the figures and mirrored model upon a change to the graphical definition A future version of GMF will hopefully do away with the serialized class method and make generating a standalone figures plug-in work more seamlessly in the workflow To ease the design of figures, a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) style of editor is included in the experimental Software Development Kit (SDK) It is not complete, but it illustrates the bootstrapping of GMF and a method for customization using a decorator model described in detail in Section 423, Dynamic Templates Use of the graphical model editor is also helpful for understanding layouts and how they work when composing complex figures
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Tooling Definition Model
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Diagrams typically include a palette and other periphery to create and work with diagram content The purpose of the tooling definition model is to specify these elements The tooling model currently includes elements for the palette, the toolbar, and various menus to be defined for a diagram Unfortunately, in the current release of GMF, the generator uses only the palette element If additional capabilities are required until this functionality is completed, advanced properties view UI elements can be designed using an extension to the generator model and custom templates, as discussed in Section 466, Color Preferences Note that it is also possible to exclude the palette altogether from a diagram definition, thereby creating a read-only diagram Of course, the pop-up bars and connection handles features should be disabled as well in this case
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Mapping Model
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Perhaps the most important of all models in GMF is the mapping model Here, elements from the diagram definition (nodes and links) are mapped to the domain model and assigned tooling elements The mapping model represents the actual diagram definition and is used to create a generator model Typically a one-to-one mapping exists among a mapping model, its generator model, and a particular diagram The mapping model uses Object Constraint Language (OCL) in many ways, including initializing features for created elements, defining link and node
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CHAPTER 4 Developing a DSL Graphical Notation
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constraints, and defining model audits and metrics Audits identify problems in the structure or style of a diagram and its underlying domain model instance, and metrics provide measures of diagram and domain model elements
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Generator Model
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As mentioned in the overview, the generator model adds information used to generate code from the mapping model and is somewhat analogous to the EMF genmodel Both can be reproduced and reloaded from their source models, although the EMF genmodel is a true decorator model The GMF generator model is more of a many-to-one model transformation than a decorator model As a mapping model is transformed into a generator model, it loses knowledge of the graphical definition and gains knowledge of the runtime notation model This minimizes the number of dependencies linked from the generator model and separates concern among the models Currently, the transformation is performed using Java code, but it is planned to be reimplemented using QVT to give Toolsmiths easier customization, as mentioned earlier A trace facility exists in the experimental SDK to aid in generating visual IDs when new nodes are added and the generator model is updated A reconciler preserves other user-modified elements in the generator model upon retransformation from the mapping model Many of the commonly modified properties are preserved, although not all of them are, so be aware of this when making changes to the generator model As with EMF, you can use custom code-generation templates in GMF The main difference here is that EMF uses Java Emitter Template (JET) as its template engine, and GMF uses Xpand 14, Xpand Template Language, covers Xpand, which also is used throughout 7, Developing Model-to-Text Transformations You can find information on how to use dynamic templates in GMF in Section 423, Dynamic Templates, and in our sample diagram in Sections 43 46 When using the full runtime as a generation target, a number of extensionpoints are contributed to in the generated diagram code You will likely want to explore the generated plug-in manifest and source code
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Sometimes you must open and modify GMF definition models in a text editorWhen doing so, add new elements that are part of a list of items to the end of the list, because GMF models use relative position references For example, if you re copying a figure from one gmfgraph model to another, add it after the last descriptors element in the file
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