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113 Mapping Model
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project uses this feature, as does the Ecore diagram that GMF provides Both use cases for using diagram partitioning are covered in Section 456, Diagram Partitioning On the Canvas, a number of Top Node Reference elements can be added The root object of your DSL maps to the Canvas, so top nodes on your diagram typically map to a Containment Feature of the root object This setting tells the diagram where to store newly created objects to the domain model instance, but sometimes another feature is used to retrieve children for display In this case, the Children Feature property is set, although for most models, it s not necessary In Section 1133, References, Containment, and Phantom Nodes, we discuss how it is also possible to show elements that are not contained in the root object as top nodes on the Canvas, using a concept known as phantom nodes and connectors To a Top Node Reference, we can add a Node Mapping to define a domain element, its Node from the graphical definition, and its creation tool from our palette You can add several elements to a Node Mapping The most popular is a Feature Label Mapping With this property, a Diagram Label from the graphical definition can be mapped to an attribute (or collection of attributes) from the domain element specified in the node mapping An example in Figure 11-9 from our dncgmfmap model shows the mapping of our attribute label
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Figure 11-9
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Feature label mapping
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In this case, we are using three of our Attribute properties from the domain model: name, lowerBound, and upperBound We ve also specified that, using the MESSAGE_FORMAT method of parsing in-place edits of our label, it should display the name, a space, and then the lower- and upper-bound properties in square brackets, separated by a comma Note that the default values you
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CHAPTER 11 Graphical Modeling Framework Tooling
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set in your domain model are important to how a new element is initially displayed on the diagram Without specifying default values for the lower- and upper-bound properties, our label displays [null,null] and is not very userfriendly
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In the mapping model, order mattersThis is obvious in feature initializers, but it might not be obvious in the case of node labels For example, if a node has two labels, the top of which is read-only (for example, with a stereotype label), the default generated code does not allow the second label (for example, the node s name) to be activated with the in-place editor when the node is created on the diagram So reverse the order of the label mappings to achieve the desired effect
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References, Containment, and Phantom Nodes
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We ve taken a look at how to map nodes to containment references using Top Level and Child Node elements in our mapping model If your domain model has a straightforward mapping to a graphical display, particularly with respect to containment versus noncontainment references, you will have no problems However, if you want to create a node on the diagram surface (a Top Level Node) but the domain element it represents is not a contained element of the element used for the Canvas, you can see a problem How do we indicate where to store the created element represented by this node in the domain model instance We need to provide a link from this node to the element representing the domain element that has the containment reference for objects of this type The problem is, we typically create nodes and then link them to other elements using a link tool So for a short period of time, we have a so-called phantom element represented on our diagram surface that does not yet have a home If you look at your domain model instance after creating this type of node, you ll see that the underlying domain element instance is held in the root of the model that is, until it is connected with a link to the contained element The solution in this case is to leave the Containment Feature property of the node mapping blank and indicate the containment feature as the Target Feature of the corresponding Link Mapping Figure 11-10 is an example of our requirements model and its Link Mapping for Requirement children
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