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7.1 System Policy
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So far our analysis of networks has been about mapping out which machines performed which function on the network. Another side of network setup is the policies, practices and
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Configuration and Maintenance
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procedures which are used to make changes to or to maintain the system as a whole, i.e. 'what humans do as part of the system administration process. System administration is often a collaborative effort between several administrators. It is therefore important to have agreed policies for working so that everyone knows how to respond to 'situations' which can arise, without working against one another. A system policy also has the role of summarizing the attitudes of an organization to its members and its surroundings, and often embodies security issues. As Howell cites from Pogo [134], We have met the enemy, and he is us! A system policy should contain the issues we have been discussing in the foregoing chapters. There are issues to be addressed at each level: network level, host level, user level. Principle 32 (Policy) A clear expression of goals and responses prepares a site for future trouble and documents intent and procedure. It is crucial that everyone agrees on policy matters. Although a policy can easily be an example of blind rule-making, it is also a form of communication. A policy documents acceptable behaviour, but it should also document what response is appropriate in a crisis. Only then are we assured of an orchestrated response to a problem, free of conflicts and disagreements. What is important is that the document does not simply become an exercise in beauracracy, but is a living guide to the practice of network community administration. A system policy can include some or all of the following: Organization: what responsibility will the organization take for its users' actions What responsibility will the organization take for the users' safety. Who is responsible for what Has the organization upheld its responsibilities to the wider network community Measures to prevent damage to others and from others. Users: allowing and forbidding certain types of software. Rigid control over space (quotas) or allow freedom, but police the system with controls. Choice of default configuration. A response to software piracy. A response to anti-social behaviour and harassment of others (spamming, obnoxious news postings, etc.) Are users allowed to play games, if so when Are users allowed to chat online Are users allowed to download files such as MP3 or pornography. Policy on sharing of accounts (i.e. preferably not). Policy on use of IRC robots and other automatic processes which collect large amounts of data off-line. Policy on garbage collection when disks become full: what files can legitimately be deleted Network: will the network be segmented, with different access policies on different subnets Will a firewall be used What ports will be open on which subnets, and which will be blocked at the router. What services will be run Mail: limit the size of incoming and outgoing mail. Spam filtering. Virus controls. WWW: allowing or forbidding user CGI scripts. Guidelines for allowed content of web pages. Policy regarding advertising on web pages. Load restrictions: what to do if certain pages generate too much traffic. Policy on plagiarism and illegal use of imagery. Printing: how many pages can be printed. Is printing of personal documents allowed. Should there be a limit to the number of pages which can be printed at one time (large documents hold up the print queue) Security: physical security of hosts. Backup schedule. Who is allowed to be master of their own hosts Can arbitrary users mount other users' home directories or mailboxes
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Executing Jobs at Regular Times
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with NFS on their private PCs (this means that they have automatic access to everyone's personal files) What access controls should be used on files Password policy (aging, how often should passwords change) and policy on closing accounts which have been compromised. 'Redundancy is our last avenue of survival' [242]. Privacy: is encryption allowed What tools will be provided for private communication
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See also the discussion of policy as a system administration tool in refs. [239, 112].
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