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attempt to steer users with propaganda, can have equally insidious results. One might argue that this is no worse than the general reliance of a large proportion of the population on television and media, and indeed this is true. Information warfare plays on our vulnerabilities to authority symbols, and it is on the rise. In the Paramount film the Wrath of Khan, a questioning lieutenant Saavik queries Spock about his use of a verbal code to mislead the enemy: "You lied " she says. Spock replies: "I exaggerated." Although the scene is amusing, it highlights another way in which computers can convince us of incorrect information. A sufficient exaggeration might also be enough to convince us of a lie. Information can always be presented misleadingly. Where do we draw the line Software which is incorrectly configured and delivers incorrect information is perhaps the worst example. For example, an early version of Mathematica (a tool for mathematical manipulation) gave an incorrect answer for the derivative of a wellknown function. It would have been easy to have simply used this answer, knowing that Mathematica performs many complex manipulations flawlessly. Fortunately, the main users of Mathematica, at the time, were scientists, who are a naturally sceptical breed, and so the error was discovered. In a CD-ROM encyclopaedia, produced by Microsoft, a Norwegian right-wing political party was listed as a neo-Nazi organization. This was clearly an unfair exaggeration of the truth, with potentially damaging consequences abroad had this party ever been elected to government. The fact that the information was on a CD-ROM, containing a body of essentially correct information, would tend to convince readers of its general truth. The book you are reading, by virtue of being in print, also has an authority and the power to mislead. If I were to write, 'the correct way to do X is Y', it might appear that that was the only correct solution to the problem. That might be true, but it might also only be my flawed opinion. That is one of the reasons why the emphasis of this book is on becoming independent and thinking for ourselves. To summarize: most users look up to computers in awe; for that reason, the computer is an authority symbol with a great potential for abuse. System administrators need to be on the look out for problems like this, which can damage credibility and manipulate users. Principle 21 (Mind control) Computers have a perceived authority. We need to be on the look out for abuses of that authority, whether by accident or by design.
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5.6.5 User Age Groups
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Today, network communities consist of all age groups. It is a basic fact of life that different age groups have different attitudes and concerns, and that they behave differently towards one another and amongst themselves. In the anonymous world of electronic communication, age is not usually apparent except through behaviour. While as pre-teenagers we tend to be careful and polite, as teenagers we are often rude and arrogant. As we grow older, the sharp edges get worn down and we are once again nice rounded shapes which fit into our nice rounded holes. The art of communication between age groups is a difficult one. While teenagers into their early twenties can be abrasive in their manner, they also have many important ideas, since they have not yet been worn down by peer pressure into subservience, or had their imaginations erased by media conservatism.
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The way in which age groups use computers reflects their interests and attitudes, and we have to consider this relation to the rules and policies for use of a computer system. We need to separate recreational use from professional use and consider to what extent recreational use could damage an organization professionally. It is not uncommon to see employees sign their e-mail with a phrase of the form The opinions expressed here are purely my own, and should not be identified in any way with my employer. This is one way of clarifying the point, but it might not be sufficient. If a user expresses radical or discomforting opinions about something publically, this could colour others' views of the organization which the individual works for. It might not be fair, but it is unavoidable. System policy has to take into account the human differences between age groups. Whatever seems to be acceptable behaviour for one group in a community can be unacceptable for another.
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