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Operating Systems
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make backups and keep it running. Secure operating systems thus need a privileged account which can be used by the system administrator when he/she is required to make changes to the system. Secure operating systems are usually multi-user systems, i.e. operating systems where files and processes can be owned by a particular user, and access is restricted on the basis of user identity. Actually, NT has not previously been a true multiuser operating system, because only one user could be logged onto an NT host at any one time. Service Pack 4 introduced the NT Terminal Server to correct this weakness, but did not correct system file permissions which would be inappropriate in such a scenario. What is important for security is that system resources can be shared and protected individually for each user. 2.2.4 Shells or Command Interpreters
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Today it is common for operating systems to provide graphical window systems for all kinds of tasks. These are often poorly suited to system administration because they allow us only to choose between pre-programmed operations which the program designers foresaw when they wrote the program. Working with windowing systems is a bit like trying to order a rare steak at a restaurant using semaphore. (There is no flag which means rare steak.) Most operating systems also provide a command line user interface which has some form of interpreted language, thus allowing the user to express what he or she wants with more freedom. Windows shells are fairly rudimentary; Unix shells are rich in complexity. Many Unix shells are being ported to Windows. Shells can be used to write simple programs called scripts or batch files which often simplify repetetive administrative tasks. 2.2.5 Comparing Unix-like Operating Systems with NT
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The two most popular classes of operating system today are Unix-like operating systems (i.e. those which are either derived from or inspired by System V or BSD) and Microsoft Windows-based operating systems. For reasons which will become clear later, we shall only discuss Windows NT and later derivatives of the Windows family in a network context. Microsoft are now planning to merge all of the Windows operating systems into one release in future. The name of the final product is set to be Windows 2000. For the sake of placing the generalities in this book in a clearer context, it is useful to compare 'Unix' with NT. Unix-like operating systems are many and varied, but they are basically similar in concept. It is not the purpose of this book to catalogue the complete zoological inventory of the 'Unix' world; our aim is to speak primarily of generalities which rise above such distinctions. Nonetheless, we shall occasionally need to distinguish the special features of these operating systems, and at least distinguish them from NT. This should not detract from the fact that NT has adopted much from the Unix cultural heritage, even though superficial attempts to hide this (e.g. renaming / with \ in filenames, changing the names of some commands, etc.) might obscure the fact. NT is a multitasking operating system from Microsoft which allows one user at a time to log in to a console or workstation. The consoles may be joined together in a network with common resources shared by an NT domain. An NT host is either a network domain server or a personal workstation. NT is fairly new, at least in terms of age, and Microsoft has reinvented many well known systems rather than use tried and tested solutions from the
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The System Components
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Unix world. This has led to a history of bugs and security issues which has resulted in several developments which bring NT closer to Unix. The basic NT distribution contains only a few tools which can be used for network administration. The NT Resource Kit is an extra package of documentation and unsupported software which, nonetheless, provides many essential tools. Other tools can be obtained free of charge from the network. NT did not have a remote shell login feature like Unix at the outset, though one may now obtain a Terminal Server which gives NT telnet-like functionality, as of Service Pack 4. The service should be integrated into Windows 2000 server. This correction adds an important possibility: that of remote administration, other than through inheritance from a domain server. The free Perl Win32 package and related tools provides tools for solving a number of problems with NT from a script viewpoint. Although we are ignoring many important operating systems by comparing just two main players, a comparison of Unix-like operating systems with NT covers most of the important differences. The latest offerings from the Macintosh world, for instance, are based on emulation of BSD 4.4 Unix and MacOS on a Mach kernel, with features designed to compete with NT. Unix is important, not only for its endurance as the sturdy workhorse of the network, but also for its cultural significance, beyond mere market share. It has influenced so many other operating systems (including NT) that further comparisons would be largely redundant. Let us note, briefly then, for the record, the basic correspondences between Unix-like operating systems and NT. Many basic commands are very similar. Here are some basic commands for file and system control:
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