Networked Communities in Java

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Networked Communities
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Planning Network Resources
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A network community is an organism, working through the orchestrated cooperation of many parts. We need to understand its operation carefully in order to make it work well. The choices we make about the system can make it easy to understand, or difficult to understand, efficient or inefficient. This is the challenge of community planning. 3.9.1 Mapping Out Services
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Existing network services have to be analysed, so that we know where we are starting from, and new networks need to be planned or extended. If the obligatory school frog dissections never appealed, then one can at least take comfort in the fact that dissecting the network organism is, if nothing else, a cleaner operation. Starting with the knowledge we have already gained about host types and operating systems, we must now identify all of the services which are running on all of the hosts. Location can be performed by a visual inspection of the process tables, or from configuration files. There are tools for port scanning networks in order to locate services, e.g. the n m a p program. We should be careful about using these, however, since port scans normally signify a network intrusion attempt, so others might misconstrue. If a network is well run, local administrators will know what services are running on which hosts. The information we gather is then open to scrutiny. Our aim is to arrange for the machines in the network to work together optimally, so we begin by thinking: How to choose the right hardware for the right job. Which hosts should be servers and for which services. How to make disks available to the network. How to share tasks between machines. How clock/time synchronization will work.
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What roles do the hosts play now How might this be improved in the future Is everything already working satisfactorily or do we need to rewire our frog In the ideal universe, we would always have unlimited resources for every task, but when reality bites, some kind of compromise is usually needed. The efficiency of a network can be improved greatly by planning carefully how key networks services are organized: particularly file servers and name services, which form the basic infrastructure of a network. Here is a partial checklist: Which hosts keep the physical disks for NFS disk servers It makes sense to keep all file services which use those disks on that same host. If the source data are on host A, then we run all file services for those data on host A, otherwise data will first have to be copied from A to B, over the network, in order to be served back over the network to host C, i.e. there will be an unnecessary doubling of traffic. Normally we shall want to use a powerful system for the servers which provide key disk and WWW services, since these are at the heart of network infrastructure. Other hosts depend upon these. However, if resources are limited we might need to reserve the
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Planning Network Resources
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fastest host for running some especially heavy software. This has to be a site dependent calculation. File servers always benefit from a large amount of RAM. This is a cheap form of optimization which allows caching. Fast network interfaces and hard disks are also amongst the most effective optimizations one can invest in. If we are going to buy RAM and fast disks, don't give it all away for users' selfish workstations; treat the serverhost to the biggest share. If we can, it helps to separate users' home directories over several disks and keep problem disk-users on a partition for themselves, away from honest users. Shall we consolidate many services on one host, or distribute them across many The first possibility is easier to administrate, but the second might be more efficient and less prone to host crashes. Any binary or software servers we set up to share software are individual to each operating system type we maintain. A Sun machine cannot run software compiled on a GNU/Linux host, etc. Dependency can be a source of many insidious problems. Try not to create deadlocks whereby host A needs host B and host B needs host A. This is a particularly common mistake with NFS file system mounts. It can cause a hanging loop. If high availability is an issue, will one server per service be enough Do we need a backup server Backup name service servers (DNS, NIS, WINS) could be considered a must. Without a name-service, a network is paralyzed.
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There is no textbook solution to these issues. There are only recipes and recommendations based on trial-and-error experience. If we want our frog to win the high-jump, we need to strike a balance between concentrating muscle in key areas, and spreading the load evenly. We are unlikely to get everything just right, first time around, so it is important to construct a solid system, at the same time as anticipating future change. Principle 8 (Adaptability) Optimal structure and performance are usually found only with experience of changing local needs. The need for system revision will always come. Make network solutions which are adaptable. 3.9.2 Uniform Resource Locators (URLs)
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Each operating system has a model for laying out its files in a standard pattern, but user files and local additions are usually left unspecified. Choosing a sound layout for data can make the difference between an incomprehensible chaos and a neat orderly structure. An orderly structure is useful not only for the users of the system, but also when making backups. Some of the issues are: Disk partitions are associated with drives or directory trees when connected to operating systems. These need names. Naming schemes for files and disks are operating system dependent. The name of a partition should reflect its function or contents.
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