You could also set the sticky bit 17 7 7 to prevent malicious users from deleting your file. in Java

Integration QR Code in Java You could also set the sticky bit 17 7 7 to prevent malicious users from deleting your file.
You could also set the sticky bit 17 7 7 to prevent malicious users from deleting your file.
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WWW and CGI Programming
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Note that you cannot simply use the absolute path of the file, for security reasons. You must use something called a 'script alias' to tell the web browser where to find the program. If you do not have a script alias defined for you personally, then you need to get one from your system administrator. By using a script alias, no one from outside your site can see where your files are located, only that you have a 'cgi-bin' area somewhere on your system. Within these parentheses, you can arrange to collect different kinds of input. The simplest kind of input is just a button which starts the CGI program. This has the form <INPUTTYPE=" submit" VALUER'S t a r t m y p r o g r a m " > This code creates a button. When you click on it the program in your 'action' string gets started. More generally, you will want to create input boxes where you can type in data. To create a single line input field, you use the following syntax: <INPUT NAME="variable-name" SIZE=40> This creates a single line text field of width 40 characters. This is not the limit on the length of the string which can be typed into the field, only a limit on the amount which is visible at any time. It is for visual formatting only. The NAME field is used to identify the data in the CGI script. The string you enter here will be sent to the CGI script in the form variablename=value of input .... Another type of input is a text area. This is a larger box where one can type in text on several lines. The syntax is: <TEXTAREA NAME =" variable -name" ROW=50 COLS=50> which means: create a text area of fifty rows by fifty columns with a prompt to the left of the box. Again, the size has only to do with the visual formatting, not to do with limits on the amount of text which can be entered. As an example, let's create a WWW page with a complete form which can be used to make a guest book, or order form. <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Example form</TITLE> <! Comment: Mark Burgess, 27-Jan-1997 > <LINK REV="made" HREF="mailto:mark@iu.hioslo .no"> </HEAD> <BODY> <CENTERXHl>Write in my guest book. . . </HlX/CENTER> <HR>
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<CENTERXH2>Please leave a comment using the f o r m below. </H2XP> <FORM method="POST" ACTION="/cgi-bin-mark/comment .pl"> Your Name/e-mail: <INPUT NAME="variablel" SIZE=40> <BRXBR> <P>
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<TEXTARE A NAME=" variable 2" cols=50 rows=8X/TEXTAREA> <INPUT TYPE=submit VALUE = "Add message to book"> <INPUT TYPE=reset VALUE="Clear message"> </FORM>
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Appendix C: Programming and Compiling
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</BODY> </HTML> The reset button clears the form. When the submit button is pressed, the CGI program is activated. Perl and the Web Interpreting data from forms To interpret and respond to the data in a form, we must write a program which satisfies the protocol above (see section 3.6.4). We use Perl as a script language. The simplest valid CGI script is the following: #!/local/bin/perl
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# # Reply with proper protocol # print "Content-type: text/html\n\n"; # # Get the data from the form . . . #
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$input = <STDIN>;
# # . . . and echo them back
print $input, "\nDone! \n" ; Although rather banal, this script is a useful starting point for CGI programming, because it shows you just how the input arrives at the script from the HTML form. The data arrive all in a single, enormously long line, full of funny characters. The first job of any script is to decode this line. Before looking at how to decode the data, we should make an important point about the protocol line. If a web browser does not get this 'Content-type' line from the CGI script it returns with an error: 500 Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator , and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error . Error: HTTPd: malformed header from script www/cgi-bin/ comment.pi
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