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Appendix A: Summary
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Suggestion 14 (Tape backup) Tapes are notoriously unreliable media, and tape streamers are mechanical nightmares, with complex moving parts which frequently go wrong. Verify the integrity of each substantial backup tape backup once you have made it. Never trust a tape. If the tape streamer gets serviced or repaired, check old tapes again afterwards. Head alignment changes can make old tapes unreadable. Suggestion 15 (OS configuration files) Keep master versions of all configuration files like /etc/f stab, /etc/group or/etc/system in a directory under site-dependent files, and use a tool which synchronizes the contents of the master files with the operating system files (e.g. cfengine). This also allows the files to be distributed easily to other hosts which share a common configuration, and provide us with one place to make modifications, rather than having to hunt around the system for long-forgotten modifications. Site-dependent files should be on a partition which is backed up. Do not use symbolic links for synchronizing master files with the OS: only the rootfile system is mounted when the system boots, and crosspartition links will be invalid. You might render the system unbootable. Suggestion 16 (URL file system names) Use a global URL naming scheme for all file systems and you will never loose a file on a tape, even if the labelfalls off (see section 3-9.2). Each file will be sufficiently labelled by its time-stamp and its name. Suggestion 17 (Passwords) A useful hint in choosing a password is to incorporate the PIN code from a little-used credit card as apart of the password. This helps users to remember both - and it means that there will be secret numbers in the password.
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Appendix B
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Some Useful Unix Commands
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Typed commands are infinitely more flexible than graphical (GUI) based programs. You can tell the system what you want to do, rather than having to search through the menus to find out whether or not you are allowed to do what you want. As a system administrator you will find most GUI programs useless for any real tasks which involve looking after more than one host. Always check the manual page on your local system before trying these commands. Versions, optional and even names differ, especially on older systems.
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Who am I
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who ami: prints your user name. who am i: prints your real and effective user id, and terminal. id: GNU program which prints all your user ids and groups.
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Remote logins The telnet command is the most reliable way of logging onto a remote Unix host. The r login or r sh commands can be used to this effect, but they will sometimes hang without reason, where telnet works without problem. The secure shell ssh is a secure replacement for the rsh command. It is recommended in its place. The r login command can be used to login without a password using the . r hosts authority file for trusted hosts and users. Using secure shell, one may use a public/private key pairs to obtain a much stronger authentication. Monitoring disk usage df: display the usage of all mounted disk partitions if no argument is given. If a directory is named, the state of the disk partition on which the given directory resides is displayed. On SVR4 systems the output of this command is hard to understand unless the -k option is used.
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Appendix B: Some Useful Unix Commands
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du: show disk usage on a per-file basis. The file sizes are either in kilobytes or in 512 byte blocks. The -k option forces output to be in kilobytes. The -s option prevents du from outputting information about every file and yields a summary of the named directory instead. swap -s: System 5 program to show swap space. pstat: BSD program to show swap space.
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Disk backups dump: raw dump of a disk partition to a file or to tape. rdump: same as dump, but this can be done over the network, remotely without need for physical contact with the host. uf sdump: Solaris/SVR4 replaces dump with this command. r e s t o r e : restores a disk partition from a file system dump. cp - r: copy a directory and all files recursively to a new location. This does not preserve symbolic links but makes multiple copies of the file instead. See tar below. t a r : a simple way to copy an entire file system, preserving symbolic links is to do the following: cd source-dir-, tar cf - . | (cd destination-dir; tar xf - )
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This pipes the output directly to the new directory using the streams interface for standard IO. Mounting file systems mount: mount a local or remote disk. umount: unmount a local or remote disk. Note the peculiar spelling. showmount: show all hosts who are mounting file systems from this server.
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Packing and unpacking archives tar cf tarfile.tai source-dir: packs all the files and sub-directories in the directory source-dir into a single 'tape-archive' file. If the -f argument is missing, tar expects to be able to write data to a default tape-streamer device and will complain with an error message. tar zcf tarfile.tax . gz source-dir: same as above, but piped through gzip to compress the data. This only works with GNU tar . tar xf tar file, tar: unpacks the contents of a tar-file into the current directory. tar zxf tarfile.tai. gz: same as above, but pipes through gzip to uncompress data. This only works with GNU tar.
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