Summary and Outlook in Java

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Summary and Outlook
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'dirty' business, not for academics, that we fly by the seats of our pants and so on, only serve to demean the system administration profession. If there is one service we can do for the future, it is to think critically and carefully about the information structures of our network communities.
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Collaboration with Software Engineering
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Every computer programmer should have to do service as a network administrator. If computer programs were written together with system administrators they would be efficient at resource usage, they would log useful information, they would be more reliable and more secure. In the future, every piece of software running on a computer system will need to take responsibility for system security and intrusion detection. There is no better way to build reliable and secure software, since every program knows its own internal state better than any external agent can. This is not how software is written today, and we suffer the consequences of this.
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The Future of System Administration
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We are approaching a new generation of operating systems, with the capacity for selfanalysis and self-correction. It is no longer a question of whether they will arrive, but of when they will arrive. When it happens, the nature of system administration will change. The day-to-day tasks of system administration change constantly and we pay these changes little attention. However, improvements in technology always lead to changing work practices, as humans are replaced by machinery in those jobs which are menial and repetitive. The core principles of system administration will remain the same, but the job description of the system manager will be rather different. In many ways, the day-to-day business of system administration consists of just a few recipes which slowly evolve over time. However, underneath the veneer of cookery, there is a depth of understanding about computer systems which has a more permanent value. Even when software systems take over many of the tasks which are now performed manually, there will be new challenges to meet. For understandable reasons, the imaginations and attentions of our college generations have been captured, not by the intrigue of learning machines and intelligent systems, but by the glamour of multimedia. The computer has matured from a mere machine to a creative palette. It is difficult to articulate just why the administration of computer communities is an exciting challenge, but if we are to succeed in pushing through programmes of research which will bring about the level of automation we require, then it will be necessary to attract willing researchers. Fortunately, today there is a high proportion of system administrators with scientific backgrounds with the will and training to undertake such work. However, only the surface has been scratched. The tendency has been to produce tools rather than to investigate concepts, and while the tools are necessary, they must not become an end in themselves. A clearer understanding of the problems we face, looking forward, will only be achieved with more analytical work. It is on this canvas that we attempt to congeal the discipline of system administration. We began this book by asking whether system administration was indeed a discipline. I hope
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The Future of System Administration
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that it is now clear that it is - for a long time a diffuse one, but nevertheless real. In many ways system administration is like biology. Animals are machines, just billions of times more complex than our own creations, but the gap is closing and will continue to close as we enter into an era of quantum and biological computing techniques. The essence of experimental observation, and of the complex phenomena and inter-relationships between hosts, is directly analogous to what one does in biology. We may have created computers, but that does not mean that we understand them implicitly. In our field, we are still watching the animals do their thing, trying to learn.
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