Never-dos in System Administration in Java

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Never-dos in System Administration
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One of the main themes of this book has been to see security as an integral part of the system administration state of mind. There are literally hundreds of rules of thumb which we could conceivably write down, but let us summarize just a few which are useful to prevent embarrassing accidents: The administrator or root account has unlimited privileges. Never log into the system as the root user. Use the su command to gain root privileges when you need them and then quit at once. Never run complex programs with root privileges; it allows the system to be invaded by viruses and could lead to accidental damage to the system. Never leave root shells on the console. It is possible to accidentally do something destructive without realizing that one has root privileges: (Put the sledgehammer down when you are not using it, Eugene!) Never leave root shells or Administrator logins running so that others might gain access to them in an open room.
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Never-dos in System Administration
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Never leave services running if they are not used for anything. They provide a possible back-door into the system for intruders. Never give users physical access to a machine which stores important data. If users can touch the system, it's theirs. Operating systems like Windows 95, Windows 98, the MacOS and BeOS are all inherently insecure systems. They cannot be secure by virtue of their design (they have no access control of any kind - all access is fully privileged). When setting up a network in a potentially hostile environment, use an operating system (e.g. Unix or NT) which does provide access controls. Never give root a shell which is not located on the root disk partition. This will disable the machine. Only the root partition is mounted at boot time. Never replace files like /etc/passwd or /etc/system with links to files on other partitions. You will disable the machine. Only the root partition is mounted at boot time. Never make undocumented, non-reproducible changes to system files. They will be destroyed by system upgrades. Never make gratuitous changes to hosts by hand. Changes should be automated and all administrators and users should be aware of the changes.
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If you need security, work defensively. If you think your machine is secure you are almost certain making a big mistake. Defensiveness, scepticism: treat any new program of subsystem you use with a healthy scepticism. How do you know you are not installing a Trojan horse or a security risk Check that it is working. Does it really need all those privileges Check that it is not doing things which you do not want it to. Drive as though the road were slippery! If you believe you are immortal you will take silly risks.
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Information Management in the Future
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The future is almost upon us, and no branch of technology has exploded with such a lack of planning and critical review as information technology. The state of our world knowledge is already well beyond our ability to cope with it. We currently have no way of searching and accessing most of the scientific and cultural resources which have been produced in the untold years of human endeavour of our history. In short, in our present state, most of our scientific knowledge has gone to waste. This is clearly an unacceptable situation, and it is probably one which will be solved by new information retrieval technology in the future, but the ability to retrieve information is critically dependent on its being organized into an easily parsable structure. This is the basis of programming algorithms in computer software, and the same thing applies to conglomerations of different software systems. The same principle applies to the storage of any kind of information. If information is not organized by a clear principle, it will get lost or muddled. Structure and organization are the unsung heroes of science and of society. While scientists and computer hackers are frequently portrayed in the popular press as absent-minded muddlers, subject to fits of divine inspiration, the random element plays only a minor role in the true development of knowledge. Contrary to the popular affectation, it is not cool to have a relaxed attitude to organization. Claims to the effect that system administration is a
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