Evaluating a Hierarchical System in Java

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Evaluating a Hierarchical System
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ference. One can think of many examples of technologies which have clear advantages, but which cannot be proven numerically, because it boils down to what people prefer to believe about them. This last case also indicates that there is not necessarily a single universal solution to a problem. Although questionnaires and verbal evaluations which examine experienced users' impressions can be amongst the best methods of evaluating a hypothesis with many interacting components, the problems in making such a study objective are great. Questionnaires, in particular, can give misleading results, since they are often only returned by users who are already basically satisfied. Completely dissatisfied users will usually waste no time on what they consider to be a worthless pursuit, by filling out a questionnaire.
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Evaluating a Hierarchical System
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Evaluating a model of system administration is a little bit like evaluating the concept of a bridge. Clearly, a bridge is a structure with many components, each of which contributes to the whole. The bridge either fulfils its purpose in carrying traffic past obstacles or it does not. In evaluating the bridge, should one then consider the performance of each brick and wire individually Should one consider the aesthetic qualities of the bridge There might be many different designs each with slightly different goals. Can one bridge be deemed better than another on the basis of objective measurement Perhaps only the bridge's maintainer is in a position to gain a feeling for which bridge is the most successful, but the success criterion might be rather vague: a collection of small differences which make the perceptible performance of the bridge optimal, but with no measurably significant data to support the conclusion. These are the dilemmas of evaluating a complex technology. In refs. [48, 286] and many others, it is clear that computer scientists are embarrassed by this difficulty in bringing respectability to the field of study. In fact the difficulty is general to all fields of technology. To evaluate an approach to the solution of a problem it is helpful to create a model. A model is comprised of a principle of operation, a collection of rules and the implementation of these rules through specific algorithms. It involves a conceptual decomposition of the problem and a number of assertions or hypotheses. System administration is full of intangibles; this restricts model building to those aspects of the problem which can be addressed in schematic terms. It is also sufficiently complex that it must be addressed at several different levels in an approximately hierarchical fashion. In brief, the options we have for performing experimental studies are measurements, simulations, case studies, user surveys,
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with all of the incumbent difficulties which these entail. 11.5.1 Evaluation of the Conceptual Decomposition It is a general principle in analysis that the details of lower level structure, insofar as they function correctly, do not change the structure of higher levels. In physics this is called the
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Analytical System Administration
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separation of scales; in computer science it is called procedural structure or object orientation. The structure of lower levels does not affect the optimal structure of higher levels, for example. An important part of a meaningful evaluation is to sort out the conceptual hierarchy. Is the separation between high level abstractions and low level primitives sufficient, flexible, restrictive, etc. 11.5.2 Simplicity
Conceptual and practical simplicity are often deemed to be positive attributes of software systems and procedures. User surveys can be used to collect evidence of what users believe about this. The system designer's belief about the relative simplicity of his/her creation is a scientific irrelevancy. 11.5.3 Efficiency The efficiency of a program or procedure might be an interesting way to evaluate it. Efficiency can mean many things, so the first step is to establish precisely what is meant by efficiency in context. Most system administration tasks are not resource intensive for individual hosts. The efficiency with which they are carried out is less important than the care with which they are carried out. The reason is simple: the time required to complete most system administration tasks is very short compared to the time most users are prepared to wait. Efficiency in terms of the consumption of human time is a much more pertinent factor. An automatic system which aims to avoid human interaction is by definition more efficient in man hours than one which places humans in the driving seat. This presupposes, of course, that the setup and maintenance of the automatic system is not so time-consuming in itself as to outweigh the advantages provided by such an approach.
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