Security Implementation in Java

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Security Implementation
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rules require traffic to be part of an already established dialogue between legitimate ports. This prevents a remote attacker from using a well-known port externally to attempt to bypass the filter rules to attack a server living at a port number over 10233. The corresponding outgoing rule can be considered a service to other sites, which stifles local spoofing attempts. 10.6.5 A Warning
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These are just examples. In practice we might not have all the hardware we need to separate things as cleanly as shown here. Although there is a public domain firewall toolkit [87], most firewall software is commercial in nature because it needs to live in the kernel and make use of code which is proprietary. Firewall management is a complex issue. We cannot set up a firewall and then forget about it. Firewalls need constant maintenance and they are susceptible to bugs just like any other software. It is best to build up a firewall system slowly, understanding each step. A good place to start is with packet filtering routers to eliminate the most offensive or least secure service requests from outside your local network. These include NFS (RFC), IRC, ping, finger, etc.
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Intrusion Detection and Forensics
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In the last few years the reality of network intrusion has led to attempts to build systems which can detect break-ins, either while they are in progress or afterwards. There are several ways in which we can gather evidence about intrusions. Evidence can be direct and indirect. Direct evidence might come from audits and log files, smoking guns, user observations, records of actions conducted by intruders, and so on. Checksums of important files can detect unauthorized changes, for instance. Indirect evidence can be obtained by looking at system activity and trying to infer unusual activity. Changes in the behaviour of programs can signal changes in the patterns of usage of a system, perhaps flagging the exploitation of a vulnerability in software. Intrusion detection by process monitoring is a relatively new idea. The idea is to gather a profile of what is normal and compare it to software behaviour over time. This idea is a little like the idea of an immune system which tolerates 'self and reacts against 'non-self. Forrest et al. have pioneered system call profiling, inspired by vertebrate immune systems [92,129] in order to detect hostile patterns of activity in special software processes. The system builds a database of short patterns of system call usage, and then performs direct pattern search on subsequent data to detect anomalous patterns. The rationale for this approach is that intrusions are often caused by exploitations of system calls which do not follow intended patterns. The beauty of this approach is its natural simplicity; its disadvantage is that it incurs a high overhead in resources to implement in pattern searching in real-time; also, the system needs to be taught what is normal in advance. Unfortunately, 'normal' is a rather fickle concept [36], so in spite of its appealing simplicity, this is unlikely to be a complete, workable solution to the problem.
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Attackers are devious. We should not imagine that, simply because a filtering rule was intended for, say, SMTP traffic, that it could not be manipulated for some other purpose.
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Another approach is to go to the network level and examine the totality of traffic arriving at a host. To detect an intrusion in progress, programs like Network Flight Recorder [75] (NFR) and Big Brother [196] (Bro) attempt to examine every packet on the network to look for telltale signatures of network break-in activity. This is an extremely resource consuming task, and it is best with a number of problems. Network monitors look for packets containing data which might represent an attack, as they arrive. Network monitoring has its problems, however. One problem is that of fragmentation. Fragmentation is something which occurs to IP datagrams which pass between networks with different transmission rates. Larger packets can be broken up into smaller packets in order to optimize transmission. These fragments are reassembled at the final destination. This presents a problem for intrusion detection systems because the fragmented packets might not contain enough data to identify them as hostile. This would allow them to get past the detection system. An intruder might be able to generate packets which were fragmented in such as way as to confound the attempts at detection. Another problem is that switches and routers limit the spread of traffic to specific cables. An intrusion detection system needs to see all packets in order to cover every attack. In spite of the difficulties, network intrusion detection is a hot research topic. A number of conferences on intrusion detection methods has sprung up to explore this problem in depth. Network forensics is what one does after an intrusion. The idea is to examine logs and system audits in order to name the intruder and determine the damage. Network forensics is perhaps most important for the purpose of possible legal action against intruders. The cost of keeping the necessary logs and audits is very great, and the work required after a break-in is far from trivial.
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