The SunOS CD player has to be on controller 0 with SCSI id 6. in Java

Generation qr-codes in Java The SunOS CD player has to be on controller 0 with SCSI id 6.
The SunOS CD player has to be on controller 0 with SCSI id 6.
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Security Implementation
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control : actionsequence = ( files ) files : /usr owner=root, bin mode=o-w checksum=md5 recurse=inf Figure 10.1 A cfengine program to gather and check MD5 checksums of the /usr file tree
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routinely, while doing other file operations. Cfengine currently uses only MD5 checksums (see Figure 10.1).
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Analysing Network Security
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To assess the potential risks to a site, we must gain some kind of overview of how the site works. We have to place ourselves in the role of outsider: how would someone approach the network from outside Then we have to consider the system from the viewpoint of an insider: how do local users approach the system To begin the analysis, we form a list: What hosts exist on our site What OS types are used What services are running What bug patches are installed Run special tools, nmap, satan, saint, titan to automate the examination procedure and find obvious holes. Examine trust relationships between hosts.
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This list is hardly a trivial undertaking. Simply building the list can be a lesson to many administrators. It is so easy to lose control over a computer network, so difficult to keep track of changes and the work of others in a team, that one can easily find oneself surprised by the results of such a survey. Having made the list, it should become clear as to where potential security weaknesses lie. Network services are a common target for exploitation. FTP servers and NT's commercial WWW servers have had a particularly hard time with bugs which have been exploited by attackers. At this stage it might be prudent to revise the organization of the above items in the network in order to tighten the rein on things. Correct host configuration is one of the prerequisites for network security. Even if we have a firewall shielding us from outside intrusion, an incorrectly configured host is a security risk. Firewalls do not protect us from the contents of data which are relayed to a host. If a bug can be exploited by sending a hidden message, then it will get through a firewall. Some form of automated configuration checking should be installed on hosts. Manual checking of hosts is impractical even with a single host; a site which has hundreds of hosts requires an automated procedure for integrity checking. On Unix and NT one has cfengine and Perl for these tasks. Trust relationships are amongst the hardest issues to debug. A trust relationship is an implicit dependency. Any host which relies on a network service implicitly trusts that service to be reliable and correct. This can be the cause of many stumbling blocks. The complexity of interactions between host services makes many trust relationships opaque. Trust relation-
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Analysing Network Security
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ships occur in any instance in which there is an external source of information: remote copying, hostname lookup, directory services, etc. The most important trust relationship of all is the Domain Name Service (DNS). Many access control systems rely on an accurate identification of the host name. If the DNS service is compromised, hosts can be persuaded to do almost anything. For instance, access controls which assign special privileges to a named host can be be spoofed if the DNS lookups are corrupted or intercepted. DNS servers are therefore a very important pit-stop in a security analysis. Access control is the fundamental requirement for security. Without access controls there can be no security. Access controls apply to files on a file system and to services provided by remote servers. Access should be provided on a need-to-know basis. If we are too lax in our treatment of access rights, we can fall foul of intrusion. For example: a common error in the configuration of Unix file servers is to grant arbitrary hosts the right to mount file systems which contain the personal files of users. If one exports file systems which contain users' personal data to Unix-like hosts, it should be done on a host-by host basis, with strict controls. If a user, who is root on their own host (e.g. a portable PC running GNU/Linux), can mount a user file system (with files belonging to a non-root user), that person owns the data there. The privileged account can read any file on a mounted file system by changing its user ID to whatever it likes. That means that anyone with a laptop could read any user's mail or change any user's files. This is a huge security problem. Hosts which are allowed to mount NFS file systems containing users' private data should be secured and should be active at all times to prevent IP spoofing; otherwise it is trivial to gain access to a user's files. There are many tools written for Unix-like operating systems which can check the security of a site, literally by trying every conceivable security exploit. Tools like SPY [250] , COPS, SATAN, SAINT and TITAN are aimed at Unix-like hosts. Port scanners such as nmap will detect services on any host with any operating system. These tools can be instrumental in finding problems. Recent and frightening statistics from the Computer Emergency Response Team indicated that only a pitiful number of sites actually upgrade or install patches and review their security, even after successful network intrusions [133]. Having mapped out an overview of a network site, and used the opportunity both to learn more about the specifics of the system, as well as fix any obvious flaws, we can turn our attention to more specific issues at the level of hosts. 10.3.1 Password Security Perhaps the most important issue for network security, beyond the realm of accidents, is the consistent use of strong passwords. Unix-like operating systems which allow remote logins from the network are particularly vulnerable to password attacks. The . rhosts and hosts, equiv files which allowed login without password challenge via rsh and r login were acceptable risks in bygone times, but these days one cannot afford to be lax about security. The problem with this mechanism is that .rhosts and hosts, equiv use hostnames as effective passwords. This mechanism trusts DNS name service lookups which can be spoofed in elaborate attacks. Moreover, if a cracker gets into one host, he/ she will then be able to log in on every host in these files without a password. This greatly broadens the possibilities for effective attack. Typing a password is not such a hardship for users, and there are alternative ways of performing remote execution for administrators, without giving up password protection (e.g. use of cfengine).
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