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Data Integrity
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Last but far from least, network services are an important source of loss. They open a host to outside attack. Network services, indeed any daemons, which are not explicitly required on a given host (e.g. snmpd, powerd, nfsd) should be disabled. 10.2.2 Backup Schemes
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Information can be lost in many ways: by accident, technical failure, natural disaster or even sabotage. We must make sure that there are several copies of the data so that everything may be recovered from a secure backup. Backups are one of the favourite topics of the system administration community. Everyone has their own local tricks. Many schemes for backup have been described; most of them resemble one another apart from cosmetic differences. Descriptions of backup schemes are manifold. Regular incremental style backups with site customizations can be found in refs. [268, 131, 141, 201, 120, 194, 287, 184, 216, 179]. A forward looking backup scheme with a broad generality in its ability to use different services and devices for remote backups was described in ref. [243], and backup to optical disks is discussed in refs. [46, 276]. Automated tape backup and restore was discussed in ref. [155] and in the Amanda system [241]; the AFS backup system is discussed in ref. [123]. A review of how well backup systems deal with special Unix sparse files was conducted in ref. [290]. Backup applies to individual changes, to system setup and to user data alike. In backing up data according to a regular pattern, we are assuming that no major changes occur in the structure of the data [239L If major changes occur, we need to start backups afresh. The network has completely changed the way we have to think about backup. Transmitting copies of files to secondary locations is now much simpler. The basics of backup are these: Physical location: a backup needs to be kept at a different physical location than the original. If data were lost because of fire or natural disaster, then copies will also be lost if they are stored nearby. How often How often do the data change significantly, i.e. how often do we need to make a backup Every day Do you need to archive several different versions of files, or just the latest version The cost of making a backup is a relevant factor here. Relevant and irrelevant files-, there is no longer any point in making a backup of parts of the operating system distribution itself. Today it is just as quick to reinstall the operating system from source, using the original CD-ROM. If we have followed the principle of separating local modifications from the system files, then it should be trivial to back up only the files which cannot be recovered from the CD-ROM, without having to backup everything. Backup policy, some sites might have rules for defining what is regarded as valid information, i.e. what it is worth making a backup of. Files like p r o g . tar. gz might not need to be kept on backup media since they can be recovered from the network just as easily. Also, one might not want to make backups of teen 'artwork' which certain users collect from the network, nor temporary data, such as browser cache files.
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Medium Traditionally, backups have been made from disk to tape (which is relatively cheap and mobile), but tape backup is awkward and difficult to automate unless one can afford a specialized robot to change and manage the tapes. For small sites it is also possible to
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perform disk mirroring. Disk is cheap, while human operators are expensive. Many modern file systems (e.g. DFS) are capable of automatic disk mirroring in real-time. A cheap approach to mirroring is to use cfengine: # cfengine . conf on backup host copy: /home dest=/backup/home recurse=inf server=myhost exclude=core When run on the backup host, this makes a backup of all the files under the directory /home on the host myhost, apart from core files. RAID disks also have inbuilt redundancy which allows data to be recovered in the event of a single disk crash. Another advantage with a simple mirroring scheme is that users can recover their files themselves, immediately, without having to bother a system administrator. Of course, as the size of an institution grows, the economics of backup change. If one part of an organization has the responsibility for making backups for the entire remainder, then disk mirroring suddenly looks expensive. Of course, if each department of the organization invests in its own mirror disks, then the cost is spread. Economics has a lot to do with appearance as well as reality. One criticism of disk mirroring is that it is not always possible to keep the disk mirrors far enough away from the original to be completely safe. An additional tape backup as a last resort is probably a good idea anyway.
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