Setting up a WWW Server in Java

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Setting up a WWW Server
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The User and Group directives tell the daemon which users' privileges it should use after connecting to the privileged port 80. A special user and group ID should be created for this purpose. The user ID should be an account which it is not possible to log on to, with no valid shell and a barred password (see section 5.2). The ServerType variable indicates whether we are planning to run httpd on demand from inetd, or whether it should run as a standalone daemon. Running as a standalone daemon can give a considerable saving of overhead in forking new processes. A standalone daemon can organize its own resources, rather than relying on a multiplexer like inetd. HostnameLookups determines whether the DNS names of hosts connecting to the server will be looked up and written into the access log. DNS lookups can add a significant amount of delay to a connection, so this should be turned off on busy servers. In a similar efficiency vein, the KeepAlive variable tells the server to not close a connection after every transaction, but to allow multiple transactions up to a limit of MaxKeepAliveRequests on the same connection. Since the overhead of starting a new connection is quite high, and of shutting one down even higher, a considerable improvement in efficiency can be achieved by allowing persistent connections. The final part of the file concerns the VirtualHost environment. This is a feature of Apache which is very useful. It enables one to maintain the appearance of separate web servers, with just one daemon. For instance, we might want to have a generic point of contact for our domain, called www. domain. country, but we might also want to run a special project machine, whose data were maintained by a separate research group, called project .domain, country. To do this we need to create a VirtualHost structure for each virtual-hostname we would like to attach to the server. We also need to register these alternative names as DNS aliases so that others will be able to use them in normal URLs in their web browsers. Suppose the actual canonical name of the host we are running on is workhorse . domain. country. In the primary zone of the domain d o m a i n . c o u n t r y , we would make the following aliases:
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www CNAME workhorse p r o j e c t CNAME workhorse workhorse A 1 9 2 . 0 . 2 . 2 2 0 The IP address of workhorse must also be declared in httpd.conf so that we have a reliable address to bind the socket to. The declarations as shown then create two virtual hosts, www and p r o j e c t , each of which has a default data root-directory pointed to by the Document Root variable.
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8.6.5 The access.conf File
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This file determines what rights various users will have when trying to access data on the server. It also implicitly determines whether httpd will search for .htaccess files in directories. Such files can be used to override the settings in the access . conf file. The D i r e c t o r y structure works like an access control list, granting or denying access to directories (and implicitly all subdirectories). A good place to start is to make a general structure denying access to directories which are not, later, dealt with explicitly.
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8: Services
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# access.conf AccessFileName .htaccess <Directory /> order allow,deny deny from all AllowOverride None </Directory> This initializer tells the daemon that it should neither grant rights to arbitrary directories on the disk, nor allow any overriding of access rights by .htaccess files. This simple precaution can yield a performance gain on a web server because the daemon will search for .htaccess files in every directory from the top of the file tree to the directory mentioned in a D i r e c t o r y structure. This can consume many disk operations which, on a busy server, could waste valuable time. We then need to go through the independent subtrees of the file system which we want to publish:
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# # Don't allow users to make symlinks to files # they don't own, thus circumventing .htaccess #
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<Directory /home> order allow,deny allow from all AllowOverride All Options Indexes SymLinksIfOwnerMatch </Directory> In a Directory structure, we express rules which determine how httpd evaluates access rights. The ordering allow followed by deny means that files are allowed unless explicitly denied. The line which follows has the form allow f r o m all, meaning that the data in /home (users' home directories) are open to every caller. The Options directive is quite important. Indexes means that a browser will be able to present a directory listing of .html files which can be accessed, if a user browses a directory which does not contain a standard index.html file. The option SymLinksIfOwnerMatch means that httpd will follow symbolic links, only if the user who made the symbolic link is also the owner of the file it points to. The point of the conditional is that a local user should not be able to bypass normal access controls simply by creating a symbolic link to a file which is otherwise access restricted. AllowOver ride means that we can override access controls for specific directories using .htaccess files (see section 8.6.9). <Directory /local/site/www> order allow,deny allow from all AllowOverride All Options Indexes FollowSymLinks </Directory> In this stanza, things are almost the same. The files under /local/sit e/www are the site's main web pages. They are available to everyone, and symbolic links are followed regardless of owner. We can afford to be magnanimous here since the site's main pages are controlled
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