8: Services in Java

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8: Services
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category par ser { admin_stuff ; }; category update { updates ; }; category load { updates ; }; category security { security; }; category xfer-in { xfers ; }; category xfer-out { xfers ; }; category db { updates ;
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category lame-servers { null; }; category cname { null;
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Note the allow- t r a n s f e r statement which allows a user of ns lookup to obtain a dump of the local domain, using the '1s' command within the ns lookup shell. If this is not present, version 8 BIND will not allow such a listing. BIND now allows ACLs to control access to these data. In the example we have created an ACL alias for all of the trusted hosts on our network. The ACLs use an increasingly popular, if somewhat obscure, notation for groups of IP addresses. The 'slash' notation is supposed to represent all of the hosts on a subnet. To fully specifiy a subnet (which, in practice, might be part of a class A, B or C network), we need to specify the network address and the subnet mask. The slash notation does this by giving the network address followed by a slash, followed by the number of bits in the netmask which are set to one. So, for example, the address series
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Setting up the DNS Name Service
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means all of the addresses from to, since the netmask is The example is an example of a doubled-up subnet. This means all of the hosts from to and to, since the netmask is, i.e. 23 nonzero bits. ACLs can contain any list of hosts. The pling '!' operator negates an address, or entry. The important thing to remember about ACLs in general is that they work taking each entry in turn. As soon as there is a match, the access algorithm quits. So if we were to write acltest {; 1192.0.2.11; } the result would always be to grant access to Conversely, if we wrote acltest { 1192.0.2.11;; } the result would always be to deny access to this host, since the second instance of the addresses is never reached. Note that for a secondary, or slave server mirroring a master, we would replace the word master with slave, and pz with sz for clarity. 855 .. Sample named, cache or named, root
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The cache file (now often referred to as the root file) contains the names of root nameservers. The data for the cache file were formerly maintained by the American military at nic.ddn.mil. Today they are retrieved by anonymous ftp from the INTERNIC ftp . r s . i n t e r n i c . net. The list of Internet root servers (which bind together all Internet domains) are listed in a file called domain/named, r o o t . The retrieved data are simply included in a file called named, cache or named, r o o t .
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; ; ; ; ; ; ; This f i l e holds the i n f o r m a t i o n on r o o t nameservers needed to initialize cache of I n t e r n e t domain nameservers ( e . g . r e f e r e n c e this f i l e in the "cache . < f i l e > " c o n f i g u r a t i o n f i l e of BIND domain n a m e s e r v e r s ) . This f i l e is made available by I n t e r N I C r e g i s t r a t i o n s e r v i c e s under anonymous FTP as file /domain/named.root on server FTP.RS.INTERNIC.NET 3600000 3600000 IN NS A A.ROOT-SERVERS.NET.
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