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1.1 The Scope of System Administration
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The task of system administration is a balancing act. It requires patience, understanding, knowledge and experience. It is like working in the casualty ward of a hospital. We need to be the doctor, the psychologist, and - when instruments fail - the mechanic. We need to work with the limited resources we have, be inventive in a crisis, and know a lot of general facts and figures about the way computers work. We need to recognize that the answers are not always written down for us to copy, that machines do not always behave in the way we think they should. We need to remain calm and attentive, and learn a dozen new things a year. Being a system administrator is as much a state of mind as it is about being knowledgeable. It is the sound of one hand tapping (on the keyboard) while the other is holding the phone, talking to a user and there is a queue of people waiting for help. We must be ready for the unexpected, resigned to the uncertain, and we need to be able to plan for the future. It requires organization and the ability to be systematic. There is no right answer, but there is often a wrong answer. It's about making something robust which works. Stereotypes notwithstanding, today's system administrator is neither haphazard nor messy. Computing systems require the very best of organizational skills and the most professional of attitudes. To start down the road of system administration, we need to know many facts and build confidence though experience - but we also need to know our limitations in order to avoid the careless mistakes which are all too easily provoked. If you have installed Windows, DOS or GNU/Linux on a PC, you might think that you already know a lot about system administration, but in fact you know only the very beginning. Today, no computer system can be examined in isolation from the network. Networking is about cooperation and sharing in an environment with many users. It would be a grave mistake to believe that we know all the answers simply because we know the beginnings of how our own machine works. This book is about much more than that: it is an introduction to the concepts of system administration. As system administrators, we have many responsibilities and constraints on our work. Our first responsibility is to the greater network community and then to the users of our system. An administrator's job is to make users' lives bearable and to empower them in the production of real work.
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Is System Administration a Discipline
System administration practices, worldwide, vary from the haphazard to the state of the art. There is a variety of reasons for this. Most recently, the Internet has grown considerably, operating systems have grown more and more complex, but the number of technically adept system administrators has not grown in proportion. In the past, system administration has been a job which has not been carried out by dedicated professionals, but by interested computer users, as a necessary chore in getting their work done. The focus on making computers easy to use has distracted many vendors from the belief that their computers should also be easy to manage. It is only over the gradual course of time that this has changed, though even today, system administrators are a barely visible race, until something goes wrong. Thanks mainly to Unix user groups and the founding of the independent USENIX organization, technically minded people have come together in order to share and discuss their work in an independent forum: LISA, the Large Installation System Administration conferences. These are unique in being vendor neutral, technical conferences. The need for a formal discipline in system administration has been recognized for some time, though it has sometimes been met with a certain trepidation by many corners of the Internet community, perhaps because the spirit of free cooperation which is enjoyed by system administrators could easily be shattered by too pompous an academic framework. Nonetheless, there are many closet academics working on system administration, and it is common for system administrators to have scientific background. The need to formalize the problems of system administration is highlighted by the general ignorance which researchers have of previous research in the community. In one of the earliest conferences on system administration, USENIX/LISA 1990, the question was posed in a panel discussion: why do we keep re-inventing the wheel, and what can we do about it That question is still pertinent ten years later. The trail of work on system administration exhibits a huge amount of repetition, particularly in tool-building. One of the purposes of this volume is to selectively summarize that body of work, so that the Mbbius loop can unravel and we can go forward. Academic concerns aside, the vast majority of computer systems lie in the private sector, and the Internet is only amplifying this tendency. In order to be good at system administration, a certain amount of dedication is required, with both theoretical and practical skills. For a serious professional, system administration is a career. There is now an appreciable market for consulting services in security and automation of system administrative tasks. Most companies have more money than they have time or expertise; that means that they need to be able to buy something in order to satisfy their board members and accountants. For a business, doing something to address a problem means spending money. Companies are looking to pay someone to carry out a service. Even though the best system administration tools are free, companies actively seek to pay consultants to set up and maintain administration tools for them. Not only is system administration a fascinating and varied line of work, it can also be lucrative.
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