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Let A be a real matrix, then there exist orthogonal matrices of U and V and diagonal matrix ~ such that
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(2.5.91 )
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5.3 General Real Matrix and Complex Matrix
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This is known as singular value decomposition. Using the L 2 norm for vectors, let the matrix norm be
The relations between matrix norm and singular values are
--1 ---l-t
the largest singular value of A =-1
is 1/an .
The condition number is
If the condition number is large, the matrix solution can be unstable. To change the condition number, pre-conditioning can be done. Let
The goal is to find a pre-conditioning matrix C
x'=Cx --1 x=C X'
Then ==-1 _ AC X' = b =-1 Multiply by C =-1==-1 I =-1_ C AC X = C b Let
(2.5.99) (2.5.100)
A =C
(2.5.103) (2.5.104)
=-1_ b = C b
Ax' =b
-, -
A judicious choice of the pre-conditioning matrix can drastically change the condition number. To make the computation of A efficient, C and C be simple matrices. must
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