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communication session, builds a PDU-request containing the MIB variables to be searched, waits for the reply from the SNMP daemon, and saves the data obtained in an internal structure. Then, if other nodes need to be visited, it reaches them, and repeats the procedure mentioned above. Otherwise, it returns to the platform from which it has been launched, where the results of the research are presented. The daemon agent (DA) monitors a health function de ned by the user. For starting the agent, the function to be computed and the node of the network (where the computation has to be done) must be provided. Then this agent moves to the node in question, where it records the value of the function: if the value is higher than a xed threshold (de ned by the user), a noti cation message is sent to the server from which the agent has departed. The two agents described before directly interact with the SNMP daemon present in the different nodes. The messenger agent (MA), during its migration through the nodes of the network, interacts with other agents for collecting speci c information produced by them. During the con guration, the agents to be contacted and the servers where they have to be searched need to be selected and (if necessary) also the number of times the agent has to contact such agents. Thus, the MA performs operations at a higher abstraction level than the mere retrieval of MIB variables. In fact, since DAs can perform the computation of any function on the different nodes of the network, the messenger allows collection of such information, thus obtaining a general description about the state of the network. The veri er agent does not perform an actual network management action. Its task is that of collecting important information, which might be useful for further operations of network management, from remote network devices to the starting host. It visits the nodes selected during the con guration, and computes a function whose purpose is the evaluation of the presence of a speci c property of the system visited (for example, a software version, or the available space on disk, or the veri cation of some log les, etc.). The veri er agent then reports to the server, from which it departed, the list of the nodes that satisfy this property.
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18.3.2 Mobile agents in multioperator networks In 4G networks, many types of providers will be usually involved in order to complete the end-to-end service offering. Speci cally, the SP (service provider) is responsible for the de nition end delivery of the service characteristics, while the NP (network provider) provides the network infrastructure (i.e. high-speed network). In such an arrangement, the SP is essentially a customer of the NP, while the SP provides the service to its own customers or end-users (usually multiple customers with small to medium size). As a means of competition, many different NPs offer access to a remote CP (content provider) which provides multimedia services such as voice, data and video. Similarly, the SP is capable of accessing many different NPs to request service. The various network operators (providers) will then be competing to sell their network links to clients through a representative agent host, the network access broker (NAB)/the internetwork access broker (INAB). A scenario that involves three competing NPs and two SPs is illustrated in Figure 18.3. The three networks are owned by three different operators, and each one of them is responsible for resource allocation and pricing strategies within its own environment. Moreover, the three networks have some interconnection points with each other, therefore allowing traf c to ow among the different networks, as expected in an open marketplace.
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