Recording Sales Transactions and Creating Forms in .NET

Generating GTIN - 13 in .NET Recording Sales Transactions and Creating Forms
14 Recording Sales Transactions and Creating Forms
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Figure 14-4: Creating an invoice is the second step in the customer sale cycle.
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2. Fill in the name of the customer or job. 3. Select a template for the invoice form from the drop-down menu. 4. In the detail area, enter the line items. 5. Apply sales tax (if applicable). 6. (Optional) Enter a message for your customer in the Customer Message eld. 7. (Optional) Enter a memo for this sale. The memo is displayed on the screen, on sales reports, and on reminder statements. 8. (Optional) Click Print on the toolbar to print the invoice now, or select the To Be Printed checkbox to print the form later. 9. (Optional) Select the To Be E-Mailed checkbox to have the invoice e-mailed to the customer. 10. (Optional) Select the To Be Mailed through QuickBooks checkbox to have your invoices mailed to customers through a service (Deluxe Billing or Basic Billing). 11. Save the invoice. 12. Click Save & Close or Save & New to create another invoice
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238 Part III Preferences and Data Management
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Editing customer and sales transactions
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You can edit the information that appears on invoices and sales receipts. The procedure varies slightly depending on whether you have deposited or undeposited funds. To edit a prior sales transaction, follow these steps: 1. From the Lists menu, choose Chart of Accounts. 2. Double-click on the account that you want to edit. In the account register, perform one of the following actions: For an invoice, double-click Accounts Receivable. For a sales receipt (if you have not deposited the payment), double-click Undeposited Funds. Scroll to nd transactions of type RCPT. For a sales receipt (if you have deposited the payment), open the register for the account where you deposited the payment. 3. In the register, double-click the transaction that you want to edit. 4. Edit the form as necessary. 5. Save the changes.
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Setting the correct invoice preferences
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Prior to completing an invoice, you need to specify your sales and customers preferences. You need to specify whether you want to track reimbursable expenses, which are expenses that you incur and pass on to the client in the course of performing a speci c job. If you are reimbursed for products, you must decide whether to charge a markup for products you obtain on behalf of clients to compensate you for your procurement efforts. Finally, you must specify whether you want a special warning to appear when you try to use an invoice number that has already been assigned to another invoice. To access the Sales and Customers Preferences screen and set up your preferences, follow these steps: 1. Go to Edit Preferences. Click the Sales & Customer icon on the scroll bar and then click on the Company Preferences tab. The Sales and Customer Preferences screen appears as shown in Figure 14-5. 2. If you aren t using the product invoice, skip to step 3. If you are, indicate your usual shipping method. You may select a method from the scroll box or enter a new one. 3. Indicate at what point legal ownership of the goods shifts from seller to buyer using the FOB eld. 4. Indicate whether you want the system to warn you about duplicate invoice numbers.
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14 Recording Sales Transactions and Creating Forms
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Figure 14-5: You can specify shipping methods, track reimbursed expenses, and enter a default markup percentage when these options are applicable to your business.
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5. Check the Track Reimbursed Expenses as Income checkbox if you want this option; otherwise, leave it blank. 6. Enter a default markup percentage if your company customarily charges a markup on reimbursed products or services. 7. (Optional) Select additional options. 8. Click OK to save your changes.
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Billing Clients with Statements
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Some businesses bill customers on a regular and periodic basis. Law rms and consulting rms are a good example. Generally, these professional service rms issue monthly statements for all time spent on client matters during the previous month. Another example is a health club, which bills members for monthly dues and amenities such as meals or equipment rental fees. To bill customers by statement, you need to learn how to enter statement charges and how to generate and print statements.
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