Part III Preferences and Data Management in .NET

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222 Part III Preferences and Data Management
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All windows must be closed. The Condense Data option is available from the Utilities choice of the File menu. The Utilities choice is dimmed as long as any windows are open on the QuickBooks desktop. Single-user mode is required. QuickBooks switches to single-user mode prior to condensing the data. This means that all users must be logged off the system. Delete unused information option. At the end of a condense operation there may be some data that is no longer in use. Examples might be invoices posted prior to the Condense Data date or vendors paid prior to the Condense Data date but with no activity after the date. QuickBooks backs up rst. QuickBooks automatically adds a backup step to the overall Condense Data process. Review the Backing Up Data section at the beginning of this chapter to understand the issues related to company data le backups. To condense data, follow these steps: 1. Make sure you are in single-user mode, and go to File Archive and Condense Data. A message box warning that Budget Data May Be Removed During Condense appears. You are asked if you want to continue anyway. Click Yes to proceed. The Condense Data dialog box shown in Figure 13-7 appears.
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Figure 13-7: The Archive & Condense Data dialog box.
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2. From the Archive & Condense Data dialog box, enter the date when you want to condense all prior data. Click the icon next to the date box to select the date using a graphical calendar, and click Next. 3. Choose any items you want to remove by clicking the appropriate items in the dialog box, shown in Figure 13-8. To start the condense operation, click Next to proceed to Step 4. QuickBooks immediately presents you with a series of dialog boxes to con rm the operation.
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13 Data Management and Security
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Figure 13-8: Select the transactions you want to be deleted when data is condensed.
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4. The Condense data dialogue box appears asking you if there are any unused List items you would like to remove in the condense operation. Select the ones you would like to remove, and click Next. The Proceed with Condense window appears. 5. Click Begin Condense to start. QuickBooks will prompt you to back up your data. After the backup is complete, QuickBooks will automatically begin the Condense Data operation. After the data is condensed, you are returned to the QuickBooks desktop.
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Managing Security
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If persons other than yourself work with your nancial data in QuickBooks, you may want to establish a security system. This means you can give certain users speci c access to certain areas of QuickBooks. For example, if one person in your organization is responsible for accounts receivable, you might allow that person to access only the accounts receivable reports in the system; that person would be unable to see any other parts of the QuickBooks application, such as employee records or cash balances. QuickBooks provides the functionality to help you restrict users access to areas of the system for which they have no responsibility. Here is the operational model for security in QuickBooks: The Administrator of the system creates a user ID and password for each user of the QuickBooks application. The Administrator determines what tasks each user should and should not have the rights to accomplish and then assigns those task rights to the appropriate user ID.
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224 Part III Preferences and Data Management
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The Administrator provides to each user his or her user ID and password. Users log on with the ID and password provided to them and have access only to the functional areas speci ed for them. In this section, you learn how to implement and manage security in your QuickBooks application, including each step in the preceding model.
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Reviewing the role of the Administrator
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In this chapter, there are a number of references to the Administrator. The QuickBooks Administrator is responsible for maintaining the security of QuickBooks and the data associated with it. Many times, the Administrator is also the person who spends the greatest amount of time using QuickBooks, knows QuickBooks the best, most likely is the most computer savvy person in the organization, and probably is the person who installed QuickBooks. As you can tell, you need to speci cally identify the Administrator; there probably is a person who is playing the role of the Administrator already. If not, you should designate an Administrator. Every organization in which more than one person uses QuickBooks should designate an Administrator.
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