Data Management and Security in .NET

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13 Data Management and Security
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5. If you want to keep all backups, make sure Number of Backups to Keep is unchecked.
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6. Select the time and day you want your backup to run. (You can select as many days in a week as you want. You can also select whether you want the backup to run every week, every two weeks, and so on, up to every ve weeks.) (Optional) You can set a password. 7. Click OK.
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Restoring Data
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Restoring data probably seems like a task that you will never want to have to undertake. Having to restore means, naturally, that you have lost data. Keep in mind, though, that there is a signi cantly more unpleasant alternative to restoring data, and that alternative is having no backup to restore and having to recreate all your data. So, having to restore data isn t necessarily the worst thing that could happen to you. When you restore data, you do not necessarily have to overwrite your existing live data. You can create a new le for your company from the backup. This gives you the opportunity to create a new le based on your backup and then compare it to the current version. This way, you can study the changes re ected in your backup before committing to it. The process of restoring data may be slightly different, depending on whether you ve backed up your data on a local drive or have used on online backup service.
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Restoring a local backup
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Backups are only useful if you can retrieve the data you ve backed up. This section tells you how to restore your local backup so you can get back to business-as-usual after a data glitch. 1. If the backup copy is on a removable disk, put the disk in your disk drive. (If the backup copy is on several disks, insert the rst disk in the disk drive.) 2. From the File menu, choose Restore Company Backup to open the Restore Company Backup dialog box shown in Figure 13-4. 3. In the upper section of the window, click Disk; then click Browse to select the location and lename of the backup le. 4. In the lower section, click Browse to select or change the location and lename to which you want to restore your backup le. 5. Click Restore. This uncompresses your backup le and creates a new company le using data from the backup.
212 Part III Preferences and Data Management
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Figure 13-4: Restoring data that has been backed up.
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Restoring data backed up with an online service
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If you backed up your company le using the online backup service, you must restore it through that same service. To do so, follow these steps: 1. From the File menu, choose Restore. 2. Select Online to restore a company le that you backed up using the Online Backup service. 3. Click Restore and then follow the onscreen directions until you have retrieved the le. 4. From the File menu, select Open Company. 5. Select the le you have retrieved and click Open. If you are restoring data because of peculiar behavior in your existing QuickBooks company data le, or because the existing company data le is corrupted, do not restore with that le as the target. Instead, create a new le with the same name as your existing company le in a different folder. After the backup le is restored, test the new le. If QuickBooks behaves properly, and if the new company le does not seem to be corrupted and has all of the data you expect, then (and only then) delete the le that was in use before you restored from backup.
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Importing Data from Excel
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Many companies store nancial data in Excel. QuickBooks allows four types of data to be imported: Customer, Vendor, Item, and Account Information. The Excel data must be specially formatted using these column headers.
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13 Data Management and Security
Preparing Excel data for export
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QuickBooks Data for each of these types must be formatted as follows: Customer: Use the headings and follow the guidelines shown in Table 13-1 to prepare Excel customer data to import to QuickBooks.
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