Part III Preferences and Data Management in .NET

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196 Part III Preferences and Data Management
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Restoring defaults
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You can return all the Preferences to the settings that were in place when you installed the application that is, to the default settings. To do so, choose Edit Preferences Preferences. When the Preferences dialog box appears, choose the Default button. This will restore all Preferences, both My Preferences and Company Preferences, to the default values. (See Figure 12-1.)
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Reviewing Preference Options
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Many of the Preferences you set in QuickBooks are easy to understand, such as whether to beep when recording a transaction, or determining whether your company charges sales tax. Many of the Preferences, though, while they may seem easy to understand, have an impact on other areas. For example, if you change options in the Checking category, you impact how QuickBooks works when you write checks. This section explains the different types of Preferences you can set in QuickBooks. Each of the following sections corresponds to an item on the list box, which displays icons for the different categories of Preferences.
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Accounting Preferences
QuickBooks lets you specify whether you use an account number with accounts you establish. This account number would complement the name you specify for the account. For example, you might have account name 3800 Accts Receivables. When you select the Use account numbers option, QuickBooks will require that you enter an account number every time you create a new account. That account number appears in any reports or lists in which the account is shown. Figure 12-3 shows the Preferences dialog box opened to the accounting Preferences where you select this option.
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Figure 12-3: Accounting Preferences are limited to the Company Preferences type.
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12 Setting QuickBooks Preferences
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If you choose to use account numbers, you may also specify that only the lowest-level accounts be shown when you enter transactions. This makes sense, because you cannot enter transactions at a parent level. You specify this option by choosing the Show lowest subaccount only option. There are three other accounting-related Preferences to review, which allow you to specify the following: Whether an account must be selected when a transaction is created (otherwise, these transactions are assigned to an uncategorized section on reports). To use class tracking, which allows you to create high-level categories of transactions such as New Projects or Budget; and whether every transaction should be captured in an audit trail le. Whether you want to activate any other accounting Preferences such as automatically assigning general ledger entry numbers, warning when a posting affects Retained Earnings, specifying a closing date, and requiring a password. Remember that all of the accounting Preferences are applicable to the entire company. There is no accounting-speci c My Preferences.
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Checking Preferences
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A number of Preferences (all Company Preferences) help you customize how check writing works in QuickBooks. You can specify whether account names appear printed on vouchers; whether the date on a check should be changed to the date the check is printed (which is only relevant if you write checks one or more days before you actually print them); whether the payee is the rst piece of information you supply when writing a check; and whether QuickBooks should warn you if you manually enter a check number when you write the check and the number has already been used on another check. The Checking Preference Company tab window is shown in Figure 12-4.
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Figure 12-4: The Checking Preferences window.
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198 Part III Preferences and Data Management
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Finance charge Preferences
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QuickBooks lets you customize how the system works with nance charges that you might apply to customer accounts. Finance charges are only applicable to the entire company, so you won t nd any options under the My Preferences tab. QuickBooks lets you enter an annual nance charge rate, as well as a minimum amount. The minimum nance charge is, for example, two percent of the outstanding balance, or $5, whichever is greater. You may also specify a grace period, which indicates the maximum number of days after a purchase in which the nance charge is not calculated. In addition, you can specify the account to which nance charges are applied. To specify the account, choose an account from the Finance Charge Account by clicking the down arrow on the box. If an appropriate account does not appear in the list, you can create a new one and a separate account to assess overdue nance charges. To create a new account from the Finance Charge Preferences screen, follow these steps: 1. Choose Add New from the Finance Charge drop-down list. The New Account dialog box shown in Figure 12-5 appears.
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