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Learning the difference between My Preferences and Company Preferences Figuring out how to change any Preference Restoring QuickBooks default Preferences Getting to know the different Preference options
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Changing Preferences
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Changing QuickBooks Preferences is easy. Besides understanding what Preferences do, there is very little to learn. This section demonstrates the difference between the two different types of Preferences, how to change a Preference, and how to restore a Preference to QuickBooks default settings.
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Accessing Preferences
You can access dozens of Preferences in QuickBooks from the Preferences window. Speci c Preferences are available according to the program area to which they pertain. You can access Preferences for different program areas by using the scrollbar on the left side of the
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192 Part III Preferences and Data Management
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Preferences window. To access dozens of Preferences in QuickBooks, follow these steps: 1. Go to Edit Preferences. A Preferences window, such as the one shown in Figure 12-1, appears.
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Click to restore defaults Figure12-1: All Preferences are changed from this window, which changes based on the icons accessed and whether you select the My Preferences or Company Preferences tab.
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2. Scroll to the type of Preferences you want to access using the scroll bar on the left of the Preferences window.
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What Preferences Does QuickBooks Offer
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QuickBooks offers hundreds of Preferences that are organized by program area. It s helpful to have an overview of the Preference features you can use to customize QuickBooks to meet the needs of your company. Some of the following Preferences are discussed later in this chapter. Other Preferences, such as the ones for nance charges, charts and graphs, Missing Send Forms, Service Connections, and Spelling Preferences, are self-explanatory. Accounting allows you to use account numbers, specify which subaccounts to show on your chart of accounts, use class tracking, maintain an audit trail of transactions affecting an account, automatically assign general journal entry numbers to accounts, warn you when you are posting a transaction to Retained Earnings, and set a password or establish a closing date.
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12 Setting QuickBooks Preferences
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Checking allows you to print account names on vouchers, change the check date when it is printed, start with the payee eld on each check, display warnings about duplicate check numbers, auto ll payee account numbers in the memo portion of checks, set default accounts to use, and activate online banking payee aliasing. Desktop View allows you to select options for customizing the appearance of your QuickBooks desktop. Finance Charge you can specify your annual interest rate, minimum nance charge, and grace period, specify a nance charge account to debit, indicate how to assess overdue nance charges, and mark nance charge invoices to be printed. General these Preferences allow you to specify additional warnings or sounds you may want to accompany transactions, and indicate the format for displaying numbers in QuickBooks elds. Integrated Applications you can specify what other computer applications can access your QuickBooks les, and manage all applications that interact with QuickBooks (e.g., QuickBooks Fixed Asset Manager and specify whether you are creating estimates, progress invoicing, etc.). Jobs & Employees specify information maintained on employees and jobs in progress. Payroll & Employees allows you to customize options pertaining to the preparation your payroll. Purchasers and Vendors options for purchase orders and inventory and entering and paying bills. Reminders options for displaying and creating reminders. Reports and Graphs allows you to specify the information and appearance of your reports and graphs. Sales and Customers information pertaining to shipping and recording payments, sales forms, payments, price levels, and so forth. Sales Tax allows you to specify how sales tax is recorded. Send Forms you can create customized messages for forms from this Preference window. Service Connection specify how you want to access optional feebased QuickBooks services. Spelling customize spell checking and other editing options. Tax: 1099 optimize your tax tracking feature. Time Tracking allows you to specify how you want to track time and maintain time records by selecting a rst day of the workweek.
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