Figure 9-24: The Print Letters and Envelopes page. in .NET

Encoding GS1 - 13 in .NET Figure 9-24: The Print Letters and Envelopes page.
Figure 9-24: The Print Letters and Envelopes page.
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6. The Envelop Options page appears (Figure 9-25), asking you to specify options for creating envelopes. Specify the size and type of envelopes you want to create and then click OK.
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158 Part II Establishing Your Own QuickBooks Business
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Figure 9-25: One of the Envelop printing options screens.
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7.. A warning screen appears telling you to check your letters and envelopes before you send them. Click Finish, and start stuf ng the envelopes!
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Creating customer letters from scratch using QuickBooks Pro
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You can also use the integrated Word feature to create a letter from scratch, or use an existing prewritten letter you have saved in Word. To do so, follow these steps: 1. Go to Customers Customer Letters with Envelopes Customize Letter Templates. 2. If you are creating a letter based on an existing or previously written letter, select View or edit existing letters, and then click Next. 3. Select the template to edit, and then click Next. 4. Edit the existing letter, and then save it in word by selecting File Save As and providing your document with a name and destination in the resulting dialog box.
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Creating Customer Mailing Labels
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QuickBooks provides in-program support for mailing labels. In other words, you can create them from within QuickBooks itself, without exporting anything or relying on your word processing program. To create mailing labels, follow these steps: 1. Go to File Print Forms Labels. 2. Indicate the Names, Customer type, or Vendor types for which you want to print labels, by selecting the correct options and using the drop-down menus provide.
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9 Working with Customers and Jobs
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3. (Optional) Select the Print labels for Ship to Address, Print labels for Inactive Names and/or Print Labels for Jobs. 4. Click OK. 5. Enter information about the label size and printer that you want to use and click the Print button.
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Setting up your printer for labels
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Before you print labels in QuickBooks for the rst time, you need to tell the program what kind of labels you are going to use. This is a one-time setup; QuickBooks remembers your settings ever after. To tell QuickBooks what kinds of labels you plan to use, follow these steps: 1. Choose File Printer Setup. The Printer Setup dialog box appears. 2. Open the Form Name drop-down list and choose Label (Figure 9-26).
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Figure 9-26: Use the Settings tab of the Printer setup dialog box to specify how you want your labels to print.
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3. Check the settings in the Printer name and Printer type elds. They should already be correct; if they are not, open the drop-down list and choose the correct settings. 4. Look on the box of labels that you have and nd the Avery number. (Even if Avery does not make the labels, they should have a four-digit number that is equivalent to the Avery numbers.) Then open the Label Format drop-down list and choose the appropriate label number. 5. Click the Fonts tab, and then click the Font button to open the Select Font dialog box. 6. Choose the Font, Font Style, Size, and Color to use, and then click OK.
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160 Part II Establishing Your Own QuickBooks Business
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Let the label size determine the font size that you use. If you are using a relatively small label and have several lines of text to put on each one, you ll want a small font size, such as 8 or 9 points. QuickBooks will not warn you if you choose a font that is so large that the text spills off the labels.
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7. Click OK. Your label printing is now set up.
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If you have trouble later with the labels being slightly misaligned, you may want to experiment with the Align button in the Printer Setup dialog box (Figure 9-26). It lets you print an alignment grid that can help you precisely adjust the text placement on each label.
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Summary Webform barcode generation for .net
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In this chapter, you learned about customer and job records, the most important data that you need at your ngertips for good customer service. You can add new customers to QuickBooks, including their contact information, credit limit, payment terms, and demographics. You can create multiple jobs for a customer, and track the jobs progress with status indicators and start/end dates. You can make changes to a customer s or job s information while working on a transaction that involves it, or make those changes from the Customer:Job List at your leisure. You can keep detailed notes on speci c customers and jobs to share information with other employees. You can create new transactions for a customer or job directly from the Customer:Job List. You can produce a variety of reports for speci c customers and jobs or for your entire database of customers as a whole. You can create customized mailing lists using convenient letter and envelope wizards and templates.