Automatically Created Accounts in .NET

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Automatically Created Accounts
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QuickBooks takes the liberty of adding several types of asset accounts to your chart. The Accounts Receivable account is established the rst time you create an invoice, if it was not created during the EasyStep Interview in response to questions as to whether your customers pay your company at the time they receive goods and services. The Inventory Asset account is established the rst time you add an inventory Item, and it can be renamed to be more speci c and descriptive. An Undeposited Funds account, as shown in Figure 6-1, is automatically created the rst time you receive payment from a sale and do not deposit it into a bank account. Funds remain in this account until you deposit them in a bank account. The Uncategorized Income and Uncategorized Expense accounts are automatically shown on the Pro t and Loss Statement as of your start date if you keep your books on the accrual basis. These accounts re ect opening and outstanding balances for customers and vendors, respectively. If you maintain your books on a cash basis, QuickBooks will not create these accounts. These amounts simply show up on your Pro t and Loss Statement when payment occurs, as mentioned in the 4 discussion of cash versus accrual. Because these income and expense amounts are really attributable to the year prior to the start date, you may want to make the optional adjusting entries discussed at the end of this chapter.
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4 contains an explanation on the differences and similarities of these two accounting methods.
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6 Customizing Your Chart of Accounts
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Automatically created account
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Figure 6-1: This account is automatically created the rst time you receive a payment and do not record a deposit.
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The Cost of Goods Sold account is automatically created the rst time that you enter an inventory Item for the company. Cost of goods sold is an amount shown on the Income Statement as a reduction of sales revenue. It actually re ects an aggregate of expense accounts. It is the cost of goods and materials that are held in inventory and then sold. Finally, QuickBooks creates a Purchase Orders account the rst time you create a purchase order. A purchase order documents a customer s request for a good or service. It does not represent a legal right to payment. Accordingly, it is re ected as a special nonposting account. This means that you can track the total of purchase orders written by checking the balance of this account in its register, but the amounts shown in this register don t appear on either the Income Statement or the Balance Sheet.
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Adding and Deleting Accounts
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In 5, you were encouraged to use the EasyStep Interview to set up your Chart of Accounts. You were also given the option of setting up your own Chart of Accounts from scratch. Choosing a preset Chart of Accounts frees you from the mental effort of adding each account, one by one. And even if the standard
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92 Part II Establishing Your Own QuickBooks Business
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chart for your industry does not precisely re ect your business needs, it is more time ef cient to customize it with appropriate additions and deletions.
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Adding accounts
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You may want to create a new account for the following reasons: You require an additional account to track another income or expense item. You must divide an account into subaccounts to track income and expenses more ef ciently. You open a new bank account or acquire a new credit source and must create a corresponding Balance Sheet account. You are setting up accounts for online banking and online payment. To add a new income or expense account, follow these steps: 1. Go to the Company Navigator screen and click the Chart of Accounts icon, as shown in Figure 6-2. Your Chart of Accounts appears.
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