Figure 1-18: QuickReport of customer history. in .NET

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Figure 1-18: QuickReport of customer history.
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Analyzing information with graphs
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QuickBooks generates several kinds of graphs. Graphs give you an immediate picture of the relationships among various pieces of information. QuickBooks provides graphs showing (1) Income and Expenses, (2) Sales, (3) Accounts Receivable, (4) Net Worth, (5) Budget vs. Actual, and (6) Accounts Payable. Figure 1-19 shows a graphic representation of sales for a sample company.
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Budgeting with QuickBooks
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QuickBooks enables you to set up a budget showing your projected income and account balances. You can then compare your company s actual performance with the anticipated amounts shown in your budget. 31 explores the process of setting up a budget.
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1 Quick Insights and Program Overview
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Figure 1-19: Create graphical representations of reports.
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QuickBooks is a complete accounting system that enables nonaccountants and accountants to record, process, and analyze accounting data. Nonaccountants can use QuickBooks without the ongoing assistance of an accountant or nancial professional. A few of the QuickBooks features that you learned about in this chapter include the following: How to create a Chart of Accounts to meet the needs of any business entity. Lists perform convenient database functions for products, customers, and other information essential to your business. The Items menu makes it easy to index and standardize information about products, inventory, and services. Standardized forms streamline business documentation.
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24 Part I The QuickBooks System
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QuickBooks has several easy-to-use, time-saving features, such as Quick Add, Quick Fill, Quick Recall, and Quick Math. Registers maintain up-to-date account balances and historical information for individual asset and liability accounts. With a click of your mouse, you can create graphical representations of nancial information contained in reports. The QuickBooks budgeting feature allows you to compare the actual performance of your business to the projected performance.
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Twenty Minutes to Navigating QuickBooks
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In This
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Welcome screen options QuickBooks Navigator Navigating sales and customers Getting plenty of help Entering a practice transaction
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t is a peculiarity of the QuickBooks program that to access and browse its features you must rst open a data le for a company any company. Sample company data les are included for both QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro. This sample company is called the Rock Castle Construction Company. Using sample data gives you the luxury of experimenting and exploring without the risk of doing any lasting damage to a real company s records.
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Opening the Sample Company File
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The sample company data provides a great opportunity for you to experiment with different types of transactions. You can open the les for these ctitious companies either from the Welcome screen or from the File menu. To access the sample company data from the Welcome screen, follow these steps: 1. After launching QuickBooks, choose Open a sample le from the dialog box shown in Figure 2-1 that appears on your screen. 2. Select whether you want to open a productbased or service-based company. A warning appears, telling you that you are opening a sample company and not to attempt to record any transactions that you will want to save. This screen shows what the current date for the sample company will be set at; it is not the correct date.
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26 Part I The QuickBooks System
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3. Click OK. You do not want to change the date at this point. (This is discussed in 5, when you are given the steps for setting up an actual QuickBooks company.) The Company Navigator screen for the sample company appears.
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Figure 2-1: Opening a sample data company.
If the program has already been opened, you can access the sample company data from the File menu. The sample company data le is opened the same way that you open any new le. To open the data le, do the following: 1. Go to File Open Company. A dialog box appears as shown in Figure 2-2 from which you can select a product-based or a service-based company to view. 2. The Company Navigator screen for the sample data company you have selected appears.