Figure 24-12: Edit 1099 preferences from this screen. in .NET

Embed EAN 13 in .NET Figure 24-12: Edit 1099 preferences from this screen.
Figure 24-12: Edit 1099 preferences from this screen.
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4. The left column lists all the boxes that appear on the 1099 form. Use the drop-down list of accounts to the right of this column to associate accounts with the boxes on the 1099 form. If you need
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24 Tax Forms and Tax Payments
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to associate more than one account with a 1099 category, choose Selected Accounts from the drop-down list.
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5. Click in the Threshold column to change the minimum amounts that are reported on the 1099 form. 6. Click OK to save the changes and leave the screen.
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Reviewing and printing 1099 forms
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Before you print out a 1099 form, you can preview and verify the information on the 1099 Report. To view the report, follow these steps: 1. Go to Reports Vendors & Payables 1099 Summary. A report summarizing all 1099 vendors and amounts appears. 2. Check the report for any missing vendors or accounts. To correct missing accounts: Return to the Preferences window discussed in the previous section and add the account. To correct missing vendors: Go to Lists Vendors. Click the Edit button and the Additional Info tab. Select the Vendor Eligible for 1099 box. To correct any amounts shown: Double-click the amount to view a 1099 Detail Report of all transactions affecting that total. Check for erroneous or omitted transactions. 3. Exit the Report window by clicking the X in the upper right corner when you have completed your review.
Paying Payroll Tax Liabilities
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When that inevitable time comes to pay your tax liabilities, you can do so using the convenient QuickBooks window set up for this purpose. To review and pay the company s liabilities, follow these steps: 1. Go to Employees Process Payroll Liabilities Pay Payroll Liabilities. The Select Date Range for Liabilities dialog box shown in Figure 24-13 appears.
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Figure 24-13: Pay payroll liabilities using this dialog box.
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442 Part V Payroll and Taxes
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2. Set the date range for the liabilities you want to pay. 3. Click OK. The screen shown in Figure 24-14 appears.
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Figure 24-14: Use this window to review and pay company liabilities.
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4. Indicate whether you plan to print the checks or write them by hand. 5. Select the To Be Printed checkbox if you print your own. 6. Choose the bank account from which to pay your liabilities. 7. In the Check Date eld, enter the date to appear on your liability payment checks. 8. Choose whether to review each check individually or to create them without reviewing them. 9. Verify the date range shown in the Show Payroll Liabilities elds. 10. Select the liabilities you want to pay now. 11. To have QuickBooks display only liabilities where you have balances to pay, select the Hide Zero Balances checkbox. 12. (Optional) To pay less than the full amount due for a selected liability, enter the amount to pay in the Amt. To Pay eld. 13. Click Create. QuickBooks writes the checks you speci ed. 14. If you selected more than one liability payable to the same vendor, QuickBooks creates a single check for all the liabilities. If you selected to review your checks in Step 8, review your checks now.
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24 Tax Forms and Tax Payments
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QuickBooks streamlines the preparation of tax forms and the payment of tax liabilities in several important ways. In this chapter, you learned the following: QuickBooks allows you to associate each account listed on your Chart of Accounts with the appropriate line of the company s income tax reporting form or to indicate that an account is not tax related. You can generate an Income Tax Summary and Income Tax Detail report to view the year-to-date totals for each associated line on the tax forms. QuickBooks prepares a full range of payroll tax reporting forms: W-2, W-3, 940, 941, and 1099 Misc forms. QuickBooks provides a single window for reviewing and paying payroll tax liabilities and allows you to adjust totals and print checks directly from a single window.
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