Taxable versus nontaxable customers in .NET

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Taxable versus nontaxable customers
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You can assign a sales tax or group of taxes to a customer or job or indicate that the customer is not subject to sales taxes by doing the following: 1. Go to Lists Customer:Job List. Select a customer from the list. 2. Click the Edit button on the Customer:Job menu button and select Edit from the pop-up menu. The Edit Customer window shown in Figure 23-6 appears. Click the Additional Info tab.
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Figure 23-6: You can designate customers as taxable or nontaxable using this window.
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424 Part V Payroll and Taxes
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3. Either check the Customer Is Taxable checkbox or select Non-taxable. If the customer is tax-exempt, enter the customer s tax-exempt or resale number. If the customer is taxable, select the tax code from the drop-down menu 4. Indicate the name of the Sales Tax Item or Sales Tax Group Item most commonly charged to this customer in the Tax Item box. 5. Click OK.
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Designating Items as taxable or nontaxable
Not only does taxable status vary from customer to customer, but it also can vary depending on the particular Item you sell. Most of the time, products are taxable and services are not. Items purchased for resale rather than end-use generally are not subject to tax. Thus, you have to know not only who is purchasing the Item but also something about their intended use of the Item. You can rely on QuickBooks to mark items as taxable or nontaxable. Simply follow these steps: 1. Go to Lists Item List. Select the Item that you want to designate as taxable or nontaxable. 2. Click the Item menu button and select Edit from the pop-up menu. The Edit Item window shown in Figure 23-7 appears.
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Figure 23-7: You can designate Items as taxable or nontaxable at any time using the checkbox provided in the Edit Item window.
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3. Indicate in the Tax Code eld, using the drop-down menu (see Figure 23-7), whether or not the Item is subject to sales tax. 4. Click OK.
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23 Sales Taxes
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You can set up discount Items to apply any discounts before or after sales tax, as company policy and tax regulations may dictate. See 10 for more information.
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Calculating tax on sales forms
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Once you have gured out your tax rates and the taxable status of your Items and customers, it s unbelievably easy to apply this information to a speci c sale. Calculation of sales tax is automatic when you follow these steps: 1. Complete the elds in your customer receipt or invoice as you normally would. 2. Select the applicable Item or Group Item using the drop-down menu as provided in the Tax eld of the sales form shown in Figure 23-8.
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Figure 23-8: QuickBooks applies the Item or Group Item that you specify to the current invoice.
3. Continue preparing your customer invoice.
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If you want to apply sales tax to some items on an inice but not to others, consider using the Subtotal Item discussed in 10. Sales tax will be calculated on taxable Items shown above the subtotal line but will not include Items shown below the line in the tax calculation.
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426 Part V Payroll and Taxes
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Items with different tax rates on the same invoice
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You may have a situation where Items are taxed at different rates on a single invoice. Or perhaps some items, such as cigarettes, are taxed at a special additional rate. To apply different rates to different Items, follow these steps: 1. Enter all Items taxed at the rst rate on the invoice together. 2. Add a Subtotal Item directly below the list of Items taxed at the rst rate. 3. Add a tax line below the subtotal of the group of Items taxed at the rst rate. 4. Repeat Steps 1 to 3 for each group of Items taxed at a different rate. 5. Enter 0% in the Tax eld, because you have already calculated all of the sales taxes using the line items added in Step 3. 6. Complete the Customer:Job eld and other elds as you usually would. 7. Click OK to calculate each of the subtotaled groups at the appropriate tax rates. If you have some Items that are subject to an additional tax rate, follow these steps: 1. Enter all Items taxed at the additional rate on the invoice together. 2. Subtotal the Items subject to the additional rate. 3. Enter the tax Item set up to re ect the additional tax below the subtotal line. 4. Complete the Customer:Job eld and other elds as you usually would. 5. Click OK.
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