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Commission Items
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You can create custom Commission Items to re ect any type of performancebased compensation that your company pays. QuickBooks tracks taxes and prints the correct year-end amount on the W-2 forms. To create a Commission Item, follow these steps:
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21 Payroll Taxes and Items
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1. Go to Lists Payroll Items. Click the Payroll Item button that appears in the lower left corner of the window and choose New from the popup menu. 2. Select Commission. Click Next. 3. Enter the name you want to give this Item in the eld speci ed. Indicate whether you want to track this expense by job by selecting or deselecting the indicated box. Click Next. 4. Indicate the name of the expense account that you want to use to track this Item. Click Next. 5. Indicate how this Item is to be classi ed on the company s tax-reporting form, if you want QuickBooks to do this. Click Next. 6. Indicate whether you want the system to automatically enter a default amount for most employees. If the number varies with employees or is computed based on a different rate computation for each employee, leave this eld blank. 7. Click Finish.
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Editing, Deleting, and Making Payroll Items Inactive
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When you edit a Payroll Item, the change can affect all future paychecks. Previously recorded transactions are affected by any changes made to the name of the Item, the tax-tracking information, and the accounts to which the Item is charged. Calculations and amounts shown on previously written checks are not altered. To edit an existing Payroll Item, follow these steps: 1. Go to Lists Payroll Items. Select the Item you want to change by clicking on it in the list of Payroll Items. 2. Click the Payroll Item button that appears in the lower left corner of the window and choose Edit from the pop-up menu. 3. The Item Setup information screens appear in the same order as if you were setting up a new Item. Correct the information appearing in any of the elds as you progress through them. Click Next to progress to the next screen. 4. Click Finish when you have completed all the screens to save the changes. You can also delete certain Payroll Items. You cannot delete any Items that you have used in employee templates or records, or even on an employee paycheck. In other words, if you want to delete an Item, you have to delete it from every place it appears on the system. To delete a Payroll Item, do the following: 1. Go to Lists Payroll Items, and select the Item you intend to delete. 2. Select Delete from the pop-up menu that appears, as shown in Figure 21-8.
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398 Part V Payroll and Taxes
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Figure 21-8: You can delete an unused Item with a click of your mouse.
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3. Click OK. You can t delete a Payroll Item previously used on templates, reports, or checks, but you can make it inactive. If you make an Item inactive, it won t appear on your lists unless you select the Show All option on the Payroll Item List. To make a Payroll Item inactive, follow these steps: 1. Go to Lists Payroll Items, and select the Payroll Item you intend to hide. 2. Click the Item button and choose Make Inactive from the pop-up list that appears (see Figure 21-8). To view all Payroll Items, even the inactive ones, do the following: 1. Go to Lists Payroll Items. 2. Select Show All. All Payroll Items appear on the list. A special X icon, as shown in Figure 21-9, is used to identify those Items that are inactive.
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21 Payroll Taxes and Items
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Figure 21-9: The X icon is used to designate inactive Payroll Items.
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QuickBooks Payroll Services Available for an Additional Fee
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QuickBooks offers several payroll-processing services for an additional fee. You can sign up for these services by going to Employees Payroll Services Payroll Setup. You will be presented with a series of interview screens such as those shown in Figure 21-10, including ones with information and questions to help you choose among the various fee-based payroll-processing plans offered by QuickBooks.
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