Billing a customer for a charge in .NET

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Billing a customer for a charge
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Sometimes you may want to pass along a charge to one of your customers. For example, if it costs you $100 to rent some equipment for a construction job,
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316 Part IV Managing Your Business with QuickBooks
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you will want to add that cost to your own invoice that you send to your customer.
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Don t confuse passing on a charge with selling the customer a product. When you buy a product and then sell it to a customer, you typically mark it up so that you make some pro t. When you pass along a cost, you charge the customer only the amount that you were charged.
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To pass along a charge on a customer invoice, follow these steps: 1. Go to Customers Create Invoices and create an invoice for the customer as you normally would. See 15 for more information regarding how to create a customer invoice. 2. Click the appropriate button for Items, Expenses, Time, or Mileage to be added to the invoice form. 3. Click the Time/Costs button at the top of the screen, as shown in Figure 17-7. Choose Billable Time and Costs. The Time and Costs dialog box appears. 4. The Choose Billable Time and Costs dialog box appears.
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Time & Costs button
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Figure 17-7: You can enter time and costs directly on a customer invoice.
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17 Purchase Orders and Accounts Payable
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5. Click the Items tab if it is not already displayed.
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6. Click in the Use column to place a check mark next to the Item(s) to be assigned to that invoice (see Figure 17-8).
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Figure 17-8: Choose which Items should be added to the invoice by placing a check mark next to the Item in the Use column.
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7. Click OK. The expense is transferred to the invoice. 8. Complete the invoice normally.
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For more information about assigning costs to customer invoices, see 20.
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Working with Memorized Bills
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Almost every business has bills that they have to pay on a regular basis, such as power, water, and telephone bills. When you memorize a bill with the QuickBooks Memorize feature, you can call up the details whenever you need to pay it again, so you don t have to look up the information each time. The details you can memorize include your account number, the payee s name and address, the usual amount, and more. You can also have QuickBooks remind you when it s time to enter the bill again.
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You aren t limited to just memorizing bills to be paid. You can memorize any kind of transaction: checks, invoices, and so forth. The procedure for memorizing them is the same as shown in the following section for a bill.
318 Part IV Managing Your Business with QuickBooks
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Memorizing a bill
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To memorize a bill, enter the bill as you normally would on the Enter Bills screen. When you re done, before you click Save & Close or Save & New, choose Edit Memorize Bill. The Memorize Transaction dialog box appears (see Figure 17-9).
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Figure 17-9: Memorize a bill so that you can recall its details whenever you need to pay the same payee again.
After naming the transaction, your rst task in the Memorize Transaction dialog box is to choose one of the following option buttons, which control how you want to be reminded: Remind Me: When it s time to enter the bill again, QuickBooks displays a notice in your Reminders window. This is good for most regularly recurring payments. Don t Remind Me: Nothing special happens. Use this for bills that occur only sporadically, at no particular interval. Automatically Enter: When it s time to enter the bill again, QuickBooks automatically makes an entry in your Enter Bills screen, so that the bill shows up as needing to be paid. This is especially helpful for recurring payments for which you don t get a monthly bill (for example, monthly insurance payments). If you chose Don t Remind Me, you re done. Click OK. Otherwise, open the How Often drop-down list and choose a frequency (Weekly, Monthly, and so on). Then, enter the starting date for the recurrence in the Next Date eld.
17 Purchase Orders and Accounts Payable
If you chose Remind Me, you re now done. Click OK. But if you chose Automatically Enter, there are more things to do. In the Number Remaining eld, enter the number of automatic bill entries you want to schedule into the future. For example, to schedule a year s worth of monthlies, enter 12. You can enter some extra lead time in the Days In Advance To Enter box if you want. Then click OK.
If you use transaction groups, a fourth option is available in the dialog box: With Transactions in Group. You can group certain transactions together and process them all at once (for example, enter all your recurring utility bills at once). To create groups of memorized transactions, choose Lists Memorized Transaction List, and choose New Group from the Memorized Transactions menu button. For more information, see the QuickBooks Help system.