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16 Accounts Receivable and Deposits
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Negotiate partial payments
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You should always be willing to take partial payments over time. A customer who pays you $25 a week is at least making a good-faith effort; taking the customer to court would eat up time and money and might not result in a better payment schedule. If a customer requests more time to make payments, get the payment plan in writing. Prepare a schedule of payments, including the amounts and dates due, and charge interest on the outstanding balance. Include a note saying that the entire amount is payable immediately if the customer misses or is late on any payments. Ask the customer to sign the schedule to show his or her agreement. That way, if you do end up going to court, you have a binding contract.
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See 33 for more information on using QuickBooks to create customer contracts.
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Courts and collection agencies
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If you cannot get the money by friendly warnings and negotiation, you have two options: small-claims court or collection agencies. Neither is particularly appealing. Small-claims courts are slightly different in each state, but in most states, you can sue for up to $5,000. You have to appear in court a few times, and there is usually a ling fee of up to $200. You may also have to pay to have the subpoena served to the customer. Small-claims court can eat up a lot of your valuable business time, with trips to the courthouse, consultations with lawyers, and time spent organizing written evidence. For a few hundred dollars, it may not be worth the trouble. You can nd collection agencies in the phone book for any city; additionally, QuickBooks offers collection services. These organizations specialize in recovering money from customers who won t pay. They generally have a minimum number of accounts you must give them to work on, and a minimum balance level for the accounts. A collection agency is usually not willing to take on a single customer account for collection; they want you to establish a relationship with them through multiple accounts. Some smaller agencies may be more exible. A collection agency typically takes a percentage of the recovered amount as its fee.
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For information about QuickBooks collection agency services, click the Collection Services button that appears at the top of any Accounts Receivable report window.
With a small amount due from a single customer, it is often best to just write it off as a bad debt. The fees involved in pursuing the other remedies make them impractical. For large balances on single accounts, litigation is the best bet even though you have to pay attorney fees and court costs.
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302 Part IV Managing Your Business with QuickBooks
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When writing customer contracts, try to include a clause stating that the customer will pay any legal fees incurred in collecting past-due amounts from the customer. Such a clause may not hold up in small-claims court, but it gives you a better shot at recovering some of your costs than if you had no contract.
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For medium or large groups of past-due accounts, a collection agency is the way to go because you save the time involved in tracking the money down yourself.
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Improving your future collection ratio
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Many businesses can improve their accounts receivable collection dramatically just by following a few simple guidelines: Bill promptly. Send a bill within 10 days of a job s completion. If you wait 60 days to bill, clients get the idea that you are not particularly eager to be paid, and they may put off (and possibly forget) the payment. They may also forget what a bene t to them your services were, and be less cheerful about paying. Review your A/R aging information frequently, as explained earlier in this chapter, and take the appropriate actions based on your review. Don t be afraid to insist on money that is due you. Consider dropping habitually delinquent accounts. If a customer has to be prodded to pay you each time, the customer may be more trouble than he or she is worth. Don t be afraid to be choosy about who you work for. Require a down payment or deposit when accepting a job. Money up front commits the customer to the project and puts the customer in the correct frame of mind for paying you promptly in the future. Have the customer review and sign invoices. When you present an invoice to the client in person, have two copies handy. Ask the client to sign both copies. Keep one copy for your records and give the client one copy from which to pay you. Signing something makes a client feel more committed to it. Also, if you have to take the client to court to recover the money, the fact that the client signed the invoice means that the client agreed to the charges and is obligated to pay.
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