Part IV Managing Your Business with QuickBooks in .NET

Printer EAN13 in .NET Part IV Managing Your Business with QuickBooks
298 Part IV Managing Your Business with QuickBooks
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Figure 16-17: QuickBooks offers a wide array of reports to help you track your accounts receivable activity.
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The Accounts Receivable reports are listed here: A/R Aging Summary: This report lists all customers and jobs and shows how much they have due in each aging category. It shows at a glance which customers are tardy and by how much. A/R Aging Detail: This report lists every outstanding invoice, grouped by category. For example, it rst lists all the current invoices, then those past due by 1 30 days, then those past due by 31 60 days, and so on. It gives you a picture of how much income is overdue in each category. Customer Balance Summary: This report shows each customer who has an outstanding balance and what the balance is. It s not all that helpful for A/R aging because this report doesn t tell you whether an amount is current or 90 days past due. However, you can doubleclick an amount to open a minireport that lists all the invoices regarded as open invoices. Customer Balance Detail: This report is the same as the Customer Balance Summary except that each individual invoice is listed. Unlike similar reports, this one does not show aging numbers, so it is not the best choice for tracking A/R.
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16 Accounts Receivable and Deposits
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Collections Report: This report shows all the invoices with at least one day of aging, grouped by customer, with the customer contact information (address and phone number) included so that you can easily contact the customer to inquire about the payment. Accounts Receivable Graph: This report gives you a visual, graphical representation of your accounts receivable, as shown in Figure 16-18.
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Figure 16-18: An Accounts Receivable graph. gtin - 13 encoder for .net
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Unbilled Costs by Job: This report is not really an A/R report so much as it is an invoicing reminder. It lists all expenses you have incurred on speci c jobs for which you have not charged the customer. Transaction List by Customer: This report lists all customers and their transactions with your company during the relevant time period identi ed on the report.
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On almost all QuickBooks reports, whenever the mouse pointer is a magnifying glass with a Z in the middle, you can use QuickZoom to zoom in on a detail. QuickZoom opens a separate report with more information about the one line or total that you clicked on.
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Taking action on overdue accounts
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Armed with your aging information, you can make business decisions to ensure your continued nancial success. In this section, I give you some ideas
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300 Part IV Managing Your Business with QuickBooks
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for collecting the money you re owed and improving your overall collection ratio while preserving customer goodwill whenever possible.
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Use the QuickBooks Write Letters feature
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After you ve done the work and are waiting for the payment, it s important to keep in contact with the customer. The more personal contact you have with them, the guiltier they may feel about not paying you.
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The new Write Letters feature in QuickBooks provides an array of effective collection letters that can be sent to customers that you select from your customer list. 9 discusses this feature in detail.
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Most businesses make a habit of sending out collection letters to all overdue accounts. These are effective because they remind the customer that you are still waiting without being intrusive. You will want at least two levels of letter the rst one friendly, the second one with some teeth. Such letters often spur customers into making payment. You may even want to place phone calls to seriously delinquent customers.
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Screen out bad customers
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A customer who doesn t pay you is not a customer worth having. But what about a slow-paying customer If a customer regularly provides a signi cant amount of business and always pays eventually, you may decide that you want to keep his or her business, even if you have to wait 60 days or more for payments. Another option is to place certain customers on a cash-only plan, where payment is due in full on receipt of the product or service. You can send a polite letter to such customers explaining the change in policy. If you don t want to make the customer feel like he or she is being singled out, you can mask the insult by making up customer classes and saying that all accounts in this customer s particular class are being made cash-only. A letter similar to this one would do: Dear <Customer>: Our company is able to give you the best in service at a very low price because our pro t margin is extremely thin. We pass along our savings to you. Because of this, when customer accounts go unpaid for more than 30 days, our company s nances are severely strained. To ensure our continued solvency, we have been forced to convert all of our Class 12 residential and commercial customers to Due on Receipt terms. Technicians performing your service will be collecting payment at the end of each session. No credit will be extended. We hope that our top-notch service and low prices will continue to keep your business and that this new policy will not cause undue hardship for your organization. Sincerely, <Your Name>
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