Customizing Sales Forms in .NET

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15 Customizing Sales Forms
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Figure 15-12: The Example box shows the effect of changing the font properties of speci c form elements.
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3. Use the dialog box controls to choose the correct Font, Size, Font Style, Effects, and Color. For example, you might increase the Font Size by a few points. Then click OK. 4. Examine the sample text on the Format tab. If it doesn t look right, repeat Steps 2 and 3 until it s right. 5. Repeat Steps 1 to 4 for each form element.
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Setting up your printer
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The Printer tab options, shown in Figure 15-13, allow you to use the printer settings that have already been established for existing templates, or to modify the printer settings for the template you have just created.
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Figure 15-13: You may need to modify your printer settings for a custom template.
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Adding a Logo
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If you want to include your company logo on your forms (smart idea!), you must rst have the logo scanned or created in a computer drawing program. It needs to be contained in a graphics le on your PC before you can use it in
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268 Part III Preferences and Data Management
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QuickBooks. Many copy shops offer scanning services, as do most professional artists who create logos. After you have the logo as an electronic le, save it in the QuickBooks folder on your hard disk. QuickBooks accepts graphics only in the bitmap (.bmp) format. If your graphic is in any other format, you will have to convert it. There are many graphics programs that enable you to open a le in one format and save it in another. Paint Shop Pro, which is shareware, works well. To include your logo on a form, follow these steps: 1. Go to Lists Templates. A list of existing templates appears. 2. Double-click the template to which you want to add a logo (or click the Templates menu button and select Edit). A Customize Invoice dialog box appears as shown in Figure 15-14.
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Select to add a logo to an existing template Figure 15-14: This Customize dialog box contains limited options for modifying an existing template.
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3. Open the template for customization, as you learned earlier, and click the Customize button to access the Company tab in the Customize dialog box. 4. Click the Use Logo checkbox. The Select Image dialog box appears.
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15 Customizing Sales Forms
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5. Click the File button to choose the le you want. The Open Logo File dialog box appears. Select the template le to which you want to add a logo from the drop-down menu. 6. Select the logo. (Change drives and folders if needed.) Click OK. Your logo appears in the Logo dialog box. 7. Click OK to accept the logo. Continue customizing your form as needed.
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Previewing Your Changes
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When you have made your modi cations to a template, you should check it out to make sure that the changes look the way you want. The best way to do this is with an actual sales form in Print Preview. You can also use the Layout Designer to see your changes, as you ll learn in the following section, but Print Preview is better because it shows a real-life use rather than a sample. To preview a custom template, follow these steps: 1. Close any customization dialog boxes that are still open by clicking OK to accept your changes. 2. Open the sales form you want to check out (for example, Create Invoices or Create Credit Memos/Refunds). 3. At the top of the form, open the Custom Template drop-down list and choose your new or modi ed template. 4. Click the Print button. Select Preview from the drop-down menu. Your new form appears in Print Preview.
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Using the Layout Designer
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The Layout Designer is a special paste-up grid that gives you precise control over your template. You can adjust the placement of elds, change eld size, change the font used in a particular eld, and much more.
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The Layout Designer is not available for Intuit invoice templates, which allow only font size changes and the addition of a logo.
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To open the Layout Designer, just click the Layout Designer button from the Customize dialog box as you are customizing a template. The Layout Designer shows every element on your template form, placed on a dotted layout grid. See Figure 15-15.
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