Recording Sales Transactions and Creating Forms in .NET

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14 Recording Sales Transactions and Creating Forms
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Finance Charges
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Finance charges are another preference item that must be specially activated prior to issuing invoices and statements. You need to decide on an appropriate interest rate and on a minimum assessment. You also need to make a customer relations decision whether to allow a grace period before assessing nance charges on late payments. Later, when you review your accounts receivable aging information, as discussed in 16, you can decide for each delinquent customer whether you want to print a special invoice assessing nance charges. To direct QuickBooks to calculate nance charges, follow these steps: 1. Choose Edit Preferences. The Preferences dialog box opens. 2. Select the Finance Charge icon on the left-hand side of the screen to open the window shown in Figure 14-13. If the icon is not visible, use the scroll bar to scroll down until it appears. Click the Company Preferences tab.
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Figure 14-13: This window is used to set your company s nance charge preferences, which are determined by your company s policies and practices regarding late payments.
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3. Enter the annual interest rate percentage that you want QuickBooks to use (this amount is prorated monthly). If you want to charge a at amount as a late fee (for example, $5.00 every 30 days), enter a zero in this eld and proceed to the next step. 4. Enter a dollar amount in the Minimum Finance Charge eld if you want to assess a at amount rather than a percentage each billing period. Also, enter a dollar amount here if you do not want to bother assessing nance charges that are less than a certain amount.
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250 Part III Preferences and Data Management
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5. If you allow a grace period, enter the appropriate number of days in the Grace Period (days) eld. 6. In the Finance Charge Account eld, select or create an expense account to which you want nance charges to be posted. 7. Indicate whether you want QuickBooks to assess nance charges on overdue nance charges.
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Some states have usury laws that prohibit you from assessing nance charges on overdue nance charges and that may also limit the total rate of interest that you may charge on consumer obligations.
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8. Indicate whether you want to calculate nance charges from the date the invoice was issued or the date that payment was due. Most businesses do the latter. 9. The purpose of the checkbox labeled Mark nance charge invoices To be printed is to indicate whether you want the default to be to print a nance charge invoice for this customer. If you think that it is more likely than not that you ll decide to print a nance charge invoice, check this box. You can always change your mind when you review your accounts receivable aging information and assess nance charges, as discussed in 16. 10. Click OK to save your changes.
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Recording Pending Sales and Packing Slips
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At times, you will want to create a record of a sale but will not want account balances to be affected. Pending sales and the creation of special packing slips for goods that are billed to a different address are two examples. If you mark a sale as pending, you can enter all the information that you want to retain about the sale without posting it to the company s account balances, registers, or reports. This is important for sales that may, for example, require third-party approval or a government permit. To mark a sale as pending, follow these steps: 1. Complete the invoice as usual without recording it. 2. Go to Edit Mark Invoice Pending. QuickBooks will prominently display Pending on the sales form that appears on your screen, as shown in Figure 14-14. 3. Add an appropriate message in the Memo area to indicate that the sale is pending on the printed form. 4. Click OK or Next to save the information about the transaction without posting it to any accounts.
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